St. John's Group Email Prayer Request for Paul Toedebusch

Please pray for Paul Toedebusch.  A note from Mary Sue is below: 

Test results came back positive.  Paul begins 6 weeks of treatments on Sept 15.  Thank you to all for prayers for us.  Mary Sue


Mary Sue Toedebusch

Realtor Consultant

Century 21 Luetkenhaus

(636)359-0053 - Cell

(636) 980-2121 Office




St. John's Group Email update on Jonas


Jonas's Updates

Sunday, August 28

Posted 5 hours ago
Jonas has had a relaxing week at home so far. On Friday, he got a special visit from his school counselors, Angie Martin and Jeremy Bonneson. They brought pizza and Ben and Jerry's ice cream!!! Two of Jonas' most favorite foods in the world right now. They also brought cards, gifts, and videos from his classmates and teachers at PLMS. His Team, the Ferocious Felions, made him a big laminated banner, signed with messages of encouragement, which we posted over his bed. He wanted me to tell you all "hello and thanks". He was happy to see some familiar names that will be in his class and was curious to find out who the others are.
Mrs. Dahn, the new music teacher, sent a gift bag of candy, cards, and his choir folder. She and Jonas already have a special connection. She was his first music teacher out at Mason Elementary, her very first (I think) teaching position. He is so happy to see her again! She also sent a wacky set of eyeglasses (so cool that Jonas had Mr. Bonneson take his picture in them so he could show the class how they looked!)
They also brought him books and assignments from his core class studies: English, Math, Science. He wasted no time and immediately opened his math book to see what he could remember from last year. Mrs. Bullimore would be so proud. = ) I didn't think we were going to get his nose out of the book for a while there.
Later in the day, Mrs. Fuches came by to visit with him. She shared her adventures from her recent trip to China. He is still mesmerized by the currency she shared with him. I think he is making travel plans for China already!
Thank you all for coming by and reaching out to him. He loved it!
For the most part, we have tried to keep him secluded to keep him free of infection this week. He goes in tomorrow morning to have labwork done on his blood. If his blood counts are up, he will be approved to get his outpatient dose of chemo. Once that is completed we are off to Texas! That is the plan. ( If for some reason he gets hospitalized, for any number of reasons, then we would put all that on hold... and I don't know exactly when we will leave. = ( But....
We are going to DRIVE! Yikes. That way Jonas and I will have a car while we are there. Joel, Jonas and I will drive down and Joel will fly back. We had looked into AngelFlights and Corporate Angels,which would have been fabulous, but both of those require more advanced notice and flexibility. We don't have much of either. I am VERY nervous about driving that distance (12 or 13 hours) but, as someone pointed out, airflight takes about two and a half hours in the air, with an hour at each airport and an hour travel to and from each airport. So, that's almost 7 hours right there. This way, he can kick back in the car and never have to move until we get there (if he likes). Of course, all this is IF he makes his counts tomorrow.
Christine, Jessica, Amber, Donna, Shawn and Lynda, Amy, Nikki, Alex and Michele, Donna Everett = ), Thank you so much. I know there are so many more people working for Jonas behind the scenes, at school, in our community and across the miles. We appreciate your time and efforts. He thrives because of all the love and support you give us every day. I want you to know that we know that.
A special shout-out to my sweet friend across the miles, Malissia Hands. Thank you, sweetie, more than you know! I miss you and can't wait to see you. I need to get you my new phone number as soon as I get it. You need a Facebook Page! = ) Seriously. Love you. Hug your babies for me.

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Posted 5 hours ago
Our thoughts are always with you. We are stranded in Maine, thanks to Hurricane Irene. We will visit as soon as Jonas is up to it, when we get home.
Good luck with your chemotherapy and with your trip to Texas. I think your road trip will be Interstate Highway all the way, so shouldn't be too bad.
We send our love...but more importantly we will bring Ben and Jerrys when we come!
Hugs to all the Borcherts,
The Koshlands
Welcome, angie

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