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It has been a while, so for those who don't know.  This is an update about Jonas Borchert, Don Nole's grandso, whohas cancer.  Please continue to keep him in your prayers. 


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January 5, 2012

Posted 2 days ago
Here we are in the New Year. Jonas was admitted to Children's Mercy yesterday for chemo. We were packed and prepared for a six day stay, but were corrected when we arrived at the clinic. Jonas is on "week 7" of the 22 weeks of the consolidation phase......which means only a two day stay! Yay! Jonas was so happy he just about jumped off the exam table. Lol. So, here we are 9 pm on Thursday night and we are already back at home in our own beds. He is feeling the effects of the chemo but in a more comforting environment.
This was our first stay at Children's Mercy where the hospital was so full that we had to have a roommate. It prompted Jonas to get out of the room several times because his roommate had some painful episodes with blood draws and iv pokes. On one of his walks he ran into the first friend he met back in the summer, another 13 year old boy who has Ewings. Jonas enjoyed sitting with him and catching up on his progress. For such a short stay, we actually had more involvement with other cancer families around us than usual. Before we even left the hospital, Jonas remarked to me that cancer stinks. That is a given. But there are some things worse: ignorance, hatred, intolerance. Those things have the ability to magnify one's suffering and despair, and spread it to those around you. Wishing you all peace love and understanding in this New Year.
A special thanks to the Raytown Baptist Church and the Sands and Jordan Sunday School Class who adopted our family for Christmas. Thank you for such wonderful gifts! You made Christmas morning delightful for us this year when it could have been otherwise. Thank you to all the Timberlake Homeowners and neighbors and to Grandpa's lunch bunch who also made generous donations to Jonas' fund for Christmas. We were touched by your kindness as well.
Jonas was surprised by his friends from the orchestra over the holiday who brought him a great big goofy class picture of them, along with a collection of cash they made. Love the dramatic personas!! Hahaha! That picture went up on his wall that very day! Thank you all!
Jonas has been rather slow about adding more wallets to his page. I blame it on the holidays. Keep an eye out. There's more to come.

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Posted 1 day ago
Yay! I'm so glad Jonas loved the gift! It was a pretty funny picture!! (: I miss you so much, Jonas! And so does the whole orchestra!
Posted 1 day ago
Hooray for short stays!!! So glad you are back in Missouri and at home! Thinking of you daily!
Posted 1 day ago
Yay! On being at home more than the hospital. I heard you stopped by Kohls the other day to say hi. Bummed that I missed you but happy that you are able to be out and about a bit. Give Gertie and Godfrey a big hug from us. If you let me know when you have a long boring stay in the hospital I will bring Jeffrey to visit for however long.
Posted 2 days ago
What a lovely surprise!!! I'm so glad you're both back home!!
Posted 2 days ago
What an uplifting entry to start the year!
Keep up the great work improving....we hope to rendezvous soon, in this great weather.
We love and miss you....
Merryland and Koshieland!
Posted 2 days ago
So glad to hear that you are home and in your own comfy environment. It was great seeing you all at Minsky's Pizza the other night. I'm so proud of you, Jonas! Your strength, fervor and upbeat attitude in circumstances that are really tough is so evident to all. You lift our spirits!
Welcome, angie

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