prayer request from Pat King

I have a Canadian friend – met her on the internet – who went to her doctor today and was told she may not make it til Summer. She's 53 years old, and has PCOS, which is a very nasty disease. In her case, it's caused at least 2 MIs and now she has CHF, along with extremely high cholesterol levels. It's also given her diabetes, vision loss, totally messed up endocrine levels, etc.
Her doctor informed her, she was surprised she wasn't dead already. And to top it off, it may have given her cancer. Oh, and her sister, is being seen for a brain tumor.
Needless to say, she is freaking out.
Anyway, I promised her that we would pray for her, so please add her and her family to our list. Since we all use user-names, on the forum that I met her on, I don't know her full name. Her first name is Susan. But, since God already knows her, that's all that really matters.
Thank you.
Pat King