St. John's Group Email Wednesday, February 22, 2012

(Jesus said) "For false christs and false prophets will arise and perform great signs and wonders, so as to lead astray, if possible, even the elect." Matthew 24:24

You probably have never heard of Ofcom.

I hadn't either -- not until I read that Ofcom, the organization that watches over media in the United Kingdom, has fined a religious broadcast channel $40,000 for the equivalent of false advertising.

False advertising? Yup. False advertising!

According to Ofcom, if a pastor is going to say that his "Miracle Olive Oil Soap" can cure cancer, diabetes and heart problems, he ought to have proof: solid, incontrovertible proof.

If the tele-preacher doesn't have that kind of evidence, he ought not to be making the claim. And he most certainly shouldn't charge an exorbitant price for selling that soap to his desperate supporters.

For a number of reasons, I think the Lord and His disciples would agree.

Reason One - They would agree because -- unlike these modern-day false prophets -- Jesus and His associates never charged anyone for the miracles of healing that were performed. That gift, along with so many other blessings which come from the Christ, was offered freely.

Reason Two - Just as importantly, while I have heard the Savior say, "Your faith has made you well," never, never, never did He say, "This bar of Miracle Olive Oil Soap has healed you."

Reason Three - Lastly, and most importantly, Jesus' representatives must always point people to the Savior and not to themselves. That's what Peter and John did when the Lord healed the beggar on the temple steps. Speaking for both the apostles, "Peter said, 'I have no silver and gold, but what I do have I give to you. In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk!'" (Acts 3:6).

Yes, Jesus would agree, and He would also say any person who doesn't lead His listeners to the cross and empty tomb is a "false prophet." He is a false prophet, whose message should be left unheard.

THE PRAYER: Dear Lord, please keep me steadfast in Your Word. Bless pastors and parishes who point people to their Savior and the salvation He has won and, if it is possible, muzzle false prophets, who preach anything other than Christ crucified and risen. This I pray in my Savior's Name. Amen.

YESTERDAY'S QUIZ:  What is a cereal offering?  (No its not Captain Crunch or Frosted Mini Wheats)  Lev 2:1  fine flour; and he shall pour oil over it and lay frankincense on it
(Dianne Hance is our new champ)
TODAY'S QUIZ:  If the anointed priest sins, bringing guilt upon the people, he must bring what?
Question: What is sin?

Answer: SIn is every thought, desire, word, and deed which is contrary to God's law.
Wed- Ash Wednesday Supper 5:30; Bells 6pm; worship w/ holy communion 7pm; choir 7:45 
Thurs- nothing
Fri- nothing
Sat- worship 5pm
Sun- Bible Study 8; worship 9;Sunday School and Bible class 10:15; WORSHIP 11am 
Come and listen to the woman with the alabaster flask of perfume tell us about why she did what she did.
Supper- 5:30---Fried Chicken, Cheesy potato casserole, fuit cocktail, green beans, dessert
Worship- 7pm- We will hear about the woman with the alabaster flask of very expensive perfume
30 HOUR FAMINE Friday, March 2 and Saturday, March 3. 
All high school youth are invited!!!!  Bring your friends and bring lots of stuff to do: video games, movies, board games, whatever else you can think of.  We will stop eating after lunch on Friday and go without eating until 6pm on Saturday. 
We are doing this to raise money for starving children throughout the world.  World Vision is the group we will be donating the money to.
Next Monday evening at our regular meeting we will be learning about Jehovah's Witnesses.  If you have a friend who is Jehovah's Witness bring them with you so that we can learn straight from the source. 
Every first Monday night of the month we are gong to do something fun.  In march we are doing paintball if it is available.  I still have to see if they do evening paintball, but if they do, IT IS ON!!!
What is it?  Bible 101 is a new online product from Concordia Publishing House that increases Biblical literacy in adults. 
It is for all levels of learning and knowledge.  Even pastors learn things from this course. 
Participants simply log into Bible 101 and enter an online learning environment.  Members start out by learning essential Bible basics from "square one" and then build upon that as they progress through the course.
Here are som of the features of Bible 101
online- uses proven online educational strategies and models that facilitate retention among multiple learning styles.
videos- throughout the week, participants can access videos that relate to the lesson
discussion forum- participants are not left on their own as they are connected to a community where they can correspond, question, and encourage each other.
podcasts- daily devotional for each weekday
quizzes- test your knowledge and easily benchmakr where you are in your learning cycle.
printing- easily print the materials for even more easy access. 
Please call or reply to this email to let me know that you want to sign up for this wonderful opportunity.  I will sign you up!  The congregation has already paid the annual fee so IT IS FREE for you!!! 
PRAYERS: (If I have missed anyone please let me know.)
For FAMILY AND FRIENDS of ANNA HOELSCHER as they mourn her loss.
For DOLORES DEBLAZE as she is going to have a PET scan on her lung tomorrow to check out a mass that doctors have found. 
For WILMA WEIGLE as she continues to recover after heart surgery.
For KEN DOVE, who will be having surgery this Thursday. 
For A GOOD FRIEND OF CHRISTY WINN who has been diagnosed with cancer for the fifth time and is pregnant. 
For HANK SCHMIDT who is going through radiation treatments for stage 2 lung cancer.
For ROSETTA JONES who is recovering from a broken hip at Delmar Gardens in Ofallon.  
For JONAS BORCHERT, grandson of Don Nolte, who continues to be up and down because of chemotherapy treatments.   


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