Don't forget about men's breakfast tomorrow at 8am

Don't forget about men's breakfast tomorrow at 8am!
French toast bake
Cheesy potatoes 
Scrambled eggs
Bible study

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Prayer request for Pastor's dad

Please pray for my dad, Roger Klaustermeier,  as he's dealing with an infection in his leg and with lots of circulation and blood vessel problems in both legs right now.  

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FW: Prayer Request from a coworker of Jim Rahn


Hi all,

I hope this email finds you well. I am sending you this note because each of you have been an integral part in the strengthening and encouragement of my faith at work. I truly believe that you are a bright light in this company as you have individually shown me how to stay true to the Word in my actions and words at work. I am also sending you this note because I trust that where two or three gather in His name, there He is in the midst of them. That said, this note is an invitation to pray with me for my trip home.


As you all know, I came from Indonesia to study MIS at Baylor University. Since then, I have had the privilege of working here at P66 with welcoming coworkers such as yourselves, and I also have the great blessing to fly home every Christmas. Unfortunately, we have been facing religious issues in Indonesia. To give you a small picture of what has been happening, below is a short timeline.

·        Nov 13 – A radical Muslim, who was later on found to be part of ISIS, bombed a Catholic church and Buddhist temple, killing four civilians.

·        Dec 2 – Millions of Muslims took to my city's downtown to protest against our first Christian governor.

·        Dec 6 – A church's Christmas service was interrupted and shut down by Muslim officials for celebrating a Christian holiday in a public area.

·        Dec 13 – Yesterday, our governor was put on trial for blaspheming Islam, pressured by the Dec 2 Muslim protests.


Although my family and I have been a strong Christian, our country is still broken and divided. This December, we have decided to travel outside of Indonesia over Christmas just in case any other protests break out. I have also let my supervisor know in case I'm prevented from coming home in time come January (as international airports can potentially be closed when protests occur). So far, I have yet to read any news regarding American citizens being restricted from coming into the country.


I don't believe that anything worst will continue to happen in Indonesia as the year comes to an end other than the occasional terrorist threats. Just in case, I have prepared a list of prayer points for us to stand against any further attacks. Please join me in praying for

1.      Safety – for my travels to and from Indonesia, as well as my family during the holidays and the rest of the year.

2.      Strength and courage – for believers in Indonesia as we are faced with adversaries, and for us to seek God when we are most fearful.

3.      Unity – amongst Indonesians of all religions.

4.      Justice – over our governor and all who support him in truth.

5.      Revelation – of God's love in my country, my people, my government, my neighborhoods.


I know that with everything happening, God is on the move in Indonesia because with great victory comes many challenges. I really appreciate you joining me in support and love for my country. I pray that you also have a safe and happy holidays this December. J


PS. I wasn't sure whether I should send our big prayer group this note for fear of sounding too "political", so I leave it to you to share this prayer with anyone else you think would like to join. Thank you again!


Thank you and kind regards,


Grace Pardede

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