Tuesday Lunch Bible Study canceled for today and next Tuesday

Sorry for the late notice, but I'm canceling Bible study for today and for next week.  Tuesday Lunch Time Bible Study will resume on December 2 at 11:30-12:15!
Thanks and have a blessed day!

Daily Devotion: Tuesday, November 18, 2014

DEVOTION: "Jesus said, "Father forgive them for they do not know what they are doing."  Luke 23:34
I have often thought that the sins that we commit and that we can identify pale in comparison to the sins that we are oblivious to.  We are such sinful human beings, and our very human, earthly nature is so completely sinful that all throughout the day we are doing, thinking, and saying things that are sinful and we don't even realize it.  Think of all of the thoughts that were maybe justified in your own mind, but God knew that you shouldn't have thought it.  Think of all the things that you should have done yesterday or even in your few waking hours today, that you didn't do.  Did you pray when you got up?  Did you have devotions?  Did you show love to your family in any way? 
Need I go any further?
In a way this gives us comfort.  If we needed to know every sin and confess each and every individual sin to God in order to be saved, we would be lost forever.  The key is to know and confess what we do so often on our worship services when we say, "I am a poor miserable sinner and I have sinned against you in thought word and deed, by what I have done and by what I have left undone. I have not loved you with my whole heart.  I have not loved my neighbor as myself.  I justly deserve your temporal and eternal punishment." 
It is enough to confess these things and believe that you are a sinner, because our Lord Jesus has paid for all of those sins, both known and unknown, by His shed blood and His innocent suffering and death.  As Jesus has pleaded with the Father for the people standing there at His crucifixion, He has also pleaded for us, and God the Father has answered His plea by giving us His complete and total mercy and grace!
Worship the Lord with me today with your very life, knowing that your sins are forgiven and that you are being kept safe for the day of Christ's return!  Get to worship this weekend where the slate will be wiped clean, all sins forgiven, and all souls strengthened by His Word and Sacrament!  Enjoy your life in Christ today and always!

Let us pray:  Lord Jesus, we thank you for pleading for us on our behalf and for fulfilling the sentence we deserve.  Help us to appreciate it and to never take it for granted!  Amen. 

YESTERDAY'S QUIZ:     Who put the crown of thorns on Jesus' head before he was crucified?  The Roman soldiers.
TODAY'S QUIZ:  What were Jesus' last words from the cross before he bowed his head and gave up his spirit?
Tues- Quilting 9-2pm; Bible Study 11:30-12:15
Wed- Ladies Aid meeting noon; NO CHOIR PRACTICE
Thurs- Ladies Bible Study 7pm
Fri- Vendor Fait set up 5-7pm; December newsletter deadline
Sat- Vendor Fair 8am-2pm; Worship 5pm
Sun- worship 8:30; Bible Study and Sunday school 9:45; worship 11; voter's meeting

Acolytes- 8:30- Gus Klaustermeier 11- Isabella Linstruth
Altar guild- Set up- Don and Dianne Hance; Clean Up-- Cheryl Bettlach and Betty Schirr
Greeters- 8:30- Rob and Julie Schaumberg; 11- ??????
Communion Assistants- Sat- Don Turnure; 8:30- John Hachtel; Steve Robine
Lay Readers- Sat- Sandra Perricone , 8:30- Amber Vossen, 11- Kailyn Blechle
8:30 Ushers- Marv Hendershot, Don Luebke, Dave Callies, Don Nolte
Projectors- Sat-- Pam Bueltmann; Sun 8:30 Kailyn Blechle   11-- Cara Klaustermeier

Pianists/organists Sat- Kathy Barrow;  Sun- Melissa Pedersen  11am- Videos
As the body of Christ, we strive to make disciples of all, focusing on the next generation, through growing....
UP in God's Word and Sacraments
OUT into the community by caring for physical and spiritual needs
TOGETHER in fellowship to build lasting relationships in Christ
Memorize it!  Get used to it!  Live it!  It is YOUR mission statement as a member of St. John's Lutheran Church!
All voting members (men or women) are eligible.  In order for our congregation to have a complete voice we need to have complete representation!  Please call me or reply to this email if you would like to serve your church in this way!!
One person for elder-  (Randy Fischer has volunteered to be an elder!  We still need one more to get back to where we should be.)
1. Assist the pastor in the spiritual matters of the congregation.
2. Consider complaints and grievances according to Matthew 18:15-18
3. Make every effort to get inactive members back to worship and supporting the church as they have pledged to God to do.
4.  See to it that all worship is held in an orderly and joyful manner.
5. Prepare a list of candidates during a vacancy.
6. Consider salary and benefits for all staff and make recommendations.
7. Consider those who are eligible for membership.
8. Be a good Christian example with regular worship and Bible study attendance and in their Christian conduct and conversation.

 One person for board of trustees--
1. Be authorized to select custodial employees
2. Be concerned with the well being of all real and personal property
3. Maintain such properties
4. Keep congregation informed as to the state of such properties
5. Keep the congregation properly insured
6. Set all policies and fees for rental and use of property.
7. Enlist work crews for special repairs and improvements. 
Vice President--  (Vacant for last two years)
1. The VP shall occupy a seat on the church council and preside at all its meetings (They meet on every month in which there is not a voter's meeting (7 meetings in all as we do not meet in December). 
2. During absence of the president, the vp shall perform the duties of the office of president.  In the event of a vacancy on the office of president, the vp shall succeed to the office for the remainder of the term.  In such an instance the office of vp shall be filled by presidential appointment. 
3. The vp shall be an example of Christian conduct and conversation, including regular attendance at Sunday worship and Bible study.  
PRAYER REQUESTS:  (If you have a prayer request please reply to this email or call me at 636-359-1061)
 A prayer of thanksgiving For good news for CARA KLAUSTERMEIER her indented rib cage is not affecting her heart! 
For the CLODFELTER FAMILY AND THEIR FRIENDS, as a month ago they lost an infant daughter and this past Friday they lost their teenage son.  
For dear friends of the Perricones, the  HUBBS FAMILY, Leslie is having shoulder surgery on the 18th and  Mark is donating a kidney to his son Trevor and the transplant will take place on the 20th.
For ROSETTA JONES who fell and broke her wrist and is recovering from surgery on it.
For TONY VERME who fell and broke his hip and was having seizures after his surgery.
For BEVERLY WAALEN who has been placed on hospice care and is nearing the end of her earthly life.
For THOSE IN DANGER, THOSE SUFFERING, AND THOSE MOURNING THE LOSS OF LOVED ONES DUE TO EBOLA, that the Lord would find a cure and an antidote for it.
For OUR CONTINUED FREEDOM OF RELIGION AND SPEECH in the United States, that we would continue to be able to freely speak the truth even in the face of opposition.
For our NATION'S MILITARY LEADERS AND SOLDIERS as they figure out what to do about the imminent threats from ISIS.
For MILLIONS OF CHRISTIANS THROUGHOUT THE WORLD, who are being persecuted to the point of death for their faith. 

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