St John's is looking for a music director

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
For a year now we have been without a music director.  We have been extremely blessed to have  Melissa Pedersen playing organ for us since this time last year.  She does a terrific job, and we thank the Lord for her service to the church.  She will continue as long as we need her.
While we have been blessed in this way, it would be wonderful if the Lord would bless us with someone who is able to direct and lead a choir (requiring practice once a week and possibly singing in worship once or twice a month).   Many of the members of our congregation would really like to be part of a choir again including new people who are looking for a church.
It would also be good if this person was  familiar with praise bands and would be able to get one going here at St. John's for our 11am service, but this is not something required of the position.
This would be a part time, paid position requiring about 10 hrs a week depending on how much prep time is needed ( more during Advent, Christmas, lent, and Easter, less in the Summer time).
If any of you know of anyone who may be looking for such work, please let me know.  636-359-1061
Thank you!
Pastor Klaustermeier

FW: From Sandy Robine: Anna is Home

> I cannot believe this myself!!! PRAISE GOD!!! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!!
> Below is an email I received from little Anna's Grandma this morning.
> Thank you all for your prayers for Anna this week. It is just so hard to
> believe that Anna left her home EARLY this past Tuesday morning with her
> Mommy & Daddy for open heart surgery ON Tuesday and yesterday, Saturday, she
> was back at home in her special hospital bed in her family room!! She was
> only out of her own home for 3 entire days! While Anna is home, she still
> will need your continued prayers as she heals. Kids are amazing and can
> bounce back from so much; but I know your prayers surely have helped.
> God's peace on your day.
> Sandy Robine
> Sent: Sunday, July 21, 2013 11:07 AM
> Subject: Anna is Home
> > Family and Friends,
> >
> > Anna was released from Cardinal Glennon late yesterday afternoon. It's
> > wonderful to have her back home again. She was so happy to see her baby
> > sister, Janie, and remarked that she has grown more hair! :-) Her dog,
> > Ginger, needs to be reminded that she can not jump on Anna, and her kitty,
> > Picaso, greeted Anna by finding the spot right next to her in bed to say
> > hello.
> >
> > She is mending, but has a long way to go. Still, it's a miracle to know
> > all that she has gone through only 6 days ago, and to see her smile. She
> > follows up with her cardiologist this week. Her body looks like she's
> > been through much, which she has, but again, it's a miracle.
> >
> > It's been very trying for Anna's family to do it all, as it seems like
> > they haven't had even one night's rest. I know that is how parents are,
> > as I am a parent, too. Meal time has been the biggest challenge, as a
> > trip to the grocery store and dinner hasn't been first on their list of
> > things to do. Jon brought home a big bag of medication (prescriptions)
> > from both Dierberg's Pharmacy and Walgreens! There are only a few that
> > must be taken every day, and the rest are prn.
> >
> > I will update again when I get a minute. Thanks for your emails, love,
> > support and most importantly, your prayers.
> > Take Care,
> > Ann
> >