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Wednesday, April 25

Posted 1 day ago
I'm sorry that it has been so long since I last posted. Let's see.... I need to pick up where we left off just before Easter. Since Jonas did not make counts that Friday, he was free and feeling well enough to make his first long-distance journey since our long drive back from Houston. We drove to St. Louis to see my family. We had a wonderful Easter Egg hunt at Grandpa's new home in Warrenton with Aunt Stephanie, Aunt Lizzie and Uncle Scott and Jonas's cousins, Savannah and Will. The weather was beautiful and perfect to be outdoors. We then went to Florissant and had a nice Easter dinner with Grandma before turning around to come back to Kansas City.
Jonas has told me many times that the most favorite memories of his whole life are Easter Egg Hunts and Fourth of July with his grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins. Everyone laughing and coming and going. Good food. Horseshoe pits and checkers boards, four-wheelers and trampolines. Walking down to the creek or pond to look for frogs and other treasures. And knowing that through good or bad times, family is forever. Annual traditions like this are comforting to most of us and give us a sense of belonging. It's no wonder that when Jonas was in pain, he chose to conjure up these memories to get him through the worst of it all.
Speaking of family, I got the sweetest letter in the mail from my Aunt JoAn in California last week. Thank you so much Aunt Jo! And for the donation from your prayer group. I am so grateful to all my aunts and uncles who have been so kind to reach out to us during this difficult time. Recently, I have just reconnected with lots of my cousins on FaceBook. Sherrie, Susan, Gwen, Gem, Michele, Chris Petty, Dallas, and Leslie. It is so nice to be friends across the miles. xoxox. Thank you for all your love and encouragement.
Last week, Jonas had the opportunity to go to his first baseball practice! He was feeling especially strong and fiesty and threw the ball around a bit, participating in most of the hour-long practice. The team has chosen the name The Fighters and I will post their first picture here. Jonas is so happy to be back on Coach Shawn James' team with so many of his good friends. I will keep you posted when game season comes around if and when he gets to play. He would love to have a supportive crowd there to cheer him on.
Jonas has always had posters of world maps and fighter planes up in his room. And then recently he added the big banner from the Taskforce NightHawk soldiers from Afghanistan. At the Melanie Grace soccer fundraiser, Beth Manley surprised him with another beauty - A great big, autographed and framed, photo of the Airforce Thunderbirds!! Thank you, Beth! It is absolutely stunning. He has been researching the Thunderbirds this past week and is trying to figure out how he can get to see an airshow! lol. (You can see the picture in the photo gallery here.)
And to further decorate his room, our good friend Christine Laird and Don Maxey, looked high and low and found an authentic aircraft propeller for Jonas to mount in his room!! It is way cool. It is approximately 6 feel long and if we do this just right, it should freely revolve once mounted to the wall. Thank you so much. (I will post a picture of it soon.)

Since Easter, Jonas has had another two day hospital stay and another outpatient injection of chemo. He made it past this milestone, leaving only two more rounds of chemotherapy left to go!!! WooHoo! I will tell you more about that tomorrow. TTFN

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Posted 1 day ago
YEAH! Keep fighting.
Posted 1 day ago
That is truly incredible to hear all your news.
Jonas is amazing!
Posted 1 day ago
Thank God for light at the end of the tunnel. He is doing so well. Woooooo Hooo is right on. He is a Miracle.
Posted 1 day ago
Such a long challenge...but the end is in sight....we are all cheering for Jonas to cross the finish line and win the ultimate battle.
We love and miss all the Borcherts and look forward to happy times over the summer!
Hugs from the KOSHLANDS
Posted 1 day ago
omg---i love it when chemo rounds get down to single digits---then 5 then 4 then 3 and 2 and then TA DA!!! jonas---sooooooo proud of you. and again i have to say that normal is terribly underrated!!! hugs to all, sa
Welcome, angie

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