Tuesday, July 31, 2012

DEVOTION: (from Pastor)
(Note: I am going to try to write more of these myself so that I can communicate the Gospel to you more often.)
They brought young children to Jesus that He might touch them, but the disciples rebuked those who brought them.  But when Jesus saw it, he was greatly displeased and said to them, "Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of God.  Assuredly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will be no means enter it."  And he took them up in His arms, put His hands on them, and blessed them.   Mark 10:13-16
I was baptized when I was two weeks old at St. John's Lutheran Church in Young America, Minnesota.  I don't remember anything of that day.  What I do know is that my parents thought that my faith and my upbringing in Jesus were important enough to bring a two week old baby out in the cold February winter of Minnesota to church to have the water poured on my head and the words "I baptize you in the name of the Father and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit." spoken so that I would be made God's child. 
I also know that it was important enough to them that they made sure I was raised knowing Jesus.  I wasn't always as thankful as I should be for the parents that I have.  I treated them like dirt too many times to count.  I look back at my early life now, especially seeing how fortunate I was to have such wonderful, believing, and faithful parents, and I am so extremely grateful for who they were in my life. 
Don't get me wrong, they weren't the "super" christians like the different characterizations you see being spoofed all the time, (like Flanders on the Simpsons).  We didn't have devotions every day at home.  We didn't have a little altar up in our house as I have heard that some families do.  No, ours was a regular household with two parents who worked way too hard and were very tired at the end of the day.  We were your regular busy family with all of the regular things that regular families do. 
But my parents, like many of the parents in the Bible reading above, brought me to Jesus.  They brought me to Jesus at my baptism.  They brought me to Jesus in prayer with me and for me.  They brought me to Jesus by taking me to His house for worship on Sunday morning.  They brought me to Jesus by living in the love (and sometimes discipline) of Jesus every day.  They brought me to Jesus over and over again, and there is nothing for which I am more grateful. . 
As parents and grandparents I want to encourage you to bring our kids to Jesus as much as you can.  Pray with them and for them!  Bring them to Jesus' house for worship.  Bring them Sunday school.  teach them all about Jesus through nighttime Bible stories.  Do devotions.  Do whatever you can do to bring your children to Jesus!  You won't be disappointed!! 
LAST WEEK'S QUIZ:  What does the name "Hephzibah" mean?  It means "my delight is in her"
TODAY'S QUIZ: What did God tell jeremiah that he was not allowed to do in Jeremiah 16?
Question: What was Christ's humiliation?
Answer: Christ's humiliation was that as man He did not always or fully use His divine powers.
Tues- (Life screening for today is cancelled); Bible Study 11:30-12:15; Alpha 6:30
Wed- nothing scheduled
Thurs- Worship at Jonesburg Nursing Home 10:30; Alzheimers Caregivers support group 1pm; RED CROSS BLOOD DRIVE 3-7pm
Fri- nothing
Sat- worship 5pm
Sun- worship 9; Sunday school and Bible class 10:15; worship 11am 
Reports are that blood supply is at a 15 year low.  We need to step it up to help out.  If you are able to give, please make an appoint with Marilyn today 456-2888 or just come by and they will fit you in!!!  Thanks to Denise Schlesslemann for heading this up!
Registration begins at 7am. 
Shotgun start at 8am. 
Lunch (burgers and brats) and awards at 1pm. 
4 person scramble.
$50 per person includes: golf with cart, drink tickets, lunch, attendance gifts, a chance to win a prize
$10 if you just want to do lunch.
All proceeds go to LITTLE LAMBS PRESCHOOL.
Call Alan Hofeldt at 456-3070 or email him at alanhofeldt@yahoo.com to sign up.
Jonathan Edwards, Deanna Edwards, and Rose Gilley make up Southern Heritage.  It is good old fashioned southern gospel music!  Make plans to attend right now!  Go to http://southernheritagegospel.com/ to check them out and to get a sampling of their music.  I am hoping for a big crowd.  The concert is free, but a free will offering will be taken to help this group continue to spread the Gospel wherever they go. 
3. FIVE 14 REVOLUTION at 7pm at the Chesterfield Amphitheater
This is a free contemporary Christian rock concert at the Chesterfield Amphitheater especially for young people.  Acts like Taylor Perry, Mynista, and Of Time and Tide will be performing.  Check it out at www.facebook.com/five14.
I really need some adults to chaperone any kids who want to go!  Please call me at 359-1061 to let me know if you are willing!!!
What a great opportunity to support a mission right here!  If you don't want to do the golf outing, but you still want to help Little Lambs just put a check in the offering plate that is specifically designated to Little Lambs.  They start school on August 16.  
For FAMILY AND FRIENDS OF CAROLINE BUELTMANN as she was laid to rest this past Saturday. 
For FARMERS AND MANY OTHERS WHO DEPEND ON WATER FOR THEIR LIVELIHOOD, as they all deal with this severe drought.
FOR KEN WAGNER as he is recovering well at Delmar Gardens from a broken hip.
For DOLORES DEBLAZE who continues to deal with treatments for cancer.
For GENE SIEBOLD as he recovers from all of his cancer treatments as they are done, and as he awaits the results of those treatments to see if they did the trick.
For BOB LAMPEN, Karin Klaustermeier's dad, as he is struggling with his chemotherapy.
For JEANETTE KOEHLER who is continuing her therapy at Troy Nursing Home.

Projector Schedule Tuesday, July 31, 9:30am

As you can see, Saturdays and 11am services are the ones needing filling.  Fill 'em up!! 
Thanks to Terry McKenzie for taking a few more of them.
Aug 4- Perricone
Aug 5- 8:30- Denise Schlesselmann                       11- Mckenzie
Aug 11-  Mckenzie
Aug 12- 8:30- Don and Ann Panhorst                      11-
Aug 18- Perricone
Aug 19- 8:30-  Julie Schaumberg                     11-
Aug 25-
Aug 26- 8:30-                       11- Mckenzie
Sept 1- Perricone
Sept 2- 8:30-                        11-
Sept 8- Mckenzie
Sept 9- 8:30-  Denise                      11-
Sept 15-
Sept 16- 8:30- Julie S                       11-
Sept 22-
Sept 23- 8:30-                       11- Perricone
Sept 29- Mckenzie
Sept 30- 8:30-                       11-
Oct 6- Perricone
Oct 7- 8:30- Denise                          11-
Oct 13-
Oct 14- 8:30-                         11-
Oct 20- Perricone
Oct 21- 8:30-  Julie S.                        11- Mckenzie
Oct 27- Mckenzie
Oct 28- 8:30-                          11-
Nov. 3-
Nov. 4-  8:30- Denise                          11- Perricone
Nov. 10- Perricone
Nov. 11- 8:30-                         11-
Nov. 17- Mckenzie
Nov. 18- 8:30-  Julie S.                       11-
Nov. 24- Mckenzie 
Nov. 25- 8:30-                         11- Perricone
Dec. 1- Perricone
Dec. 2- 8:30- Denise                          11-
Dec. 5- (Midweek Advent 1) Mckenzie
Dec. 8-
Dec. 9- 8:30-                            11-
Dec. 12- (Midweek Advent 2) Mckenzie
Dec. 15- Perricone
Dec. 16- 8:30- Julie S.                          11-
Dec. 19- (Midweek Advent 3)  mckenzie
Dec. 22-
Dec. 23- 8:30-  Mckenzie                        11-
Dec. 24 (Christmas Eve)  7pm    Mckenzie                        11pm- Perricone
Dec. 25 (Christmas day) 9am