St. John's Group Email FW: from Sandy Robine: Prayer request!

For a prayer of thanksgiving for the birth of a healthy baby boy to Pastor & Mrs. (Lisa Radtke) Sam Powell.  His name is Elliott James Powell, born today, March 23  at 7:58 AM by C-Section in Columbia, MO.  "Little" Elliott weighed in at 9 lbs. 10 oz. and is 21-3/4" tall.  Mother and baby are doing great.  So is Dad.
Sam is the Associate Pastor at Trinity Lutheran Church in Jefferson City, MO.  Sam is a 2010 graduate of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis.  Sam & Lisa were our "tenants" (adopted kids) for 4 years while Sam was attending the Sem. 
I have added several folks on the "cc" line here that know Sam &/or Lisa so they can share in this good news.
Thanks and God's peace on your day!

St. John's Group Email Wednesday, March 23, 2011

DEVOTION: And God blessed them. And God said to them, "Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth." Genesis 1:28

Bald eagles. I must have been around 30 years old before I saw my first bald eagle in the wild.

Today all of my grandchildren have had the joy of seeing those majestic, soaring birds. Once near extinction, the return of the bald eagle to our skies is one of the great environmental success stories of our time.

According to John Rayfield of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, it's a success story that at least one person in Tennessee doesn't want to see continued.

Do I hear you ask, "Who is this person?" I don't know who he is, but the Fish and Wildlife Service is looking for the fellow who, more than 100 miles north of Nashville, shot two bald eagles. Did I say looking for this fellow? Actually, they're paying a $17,000 reward for information leading to this fellow's arrest.

And if you're wondering what will happen if the man is convicted of eaglecide? He faces fines up to $100,000 and a year in federal prison. The penalty is high because the government takes a dim view of people killing our national bird.

I don't think the Lord is too keen on the idea either. Killing bald eagles is probably not what He had in mind when He told us to have dominion over the birds of the heavens -- dominion, yes; extinction, no.

Sadly, humankind has a tendency to mess up the Lord's gifts. We have a tendency to misuse, mistreat and despoil them.

Nowhere is that more evident than in the way the world has dealt with the Savior.

If it is a tragedy to kill two bald eagles, what can be said about murdering and rejecting the sinless Son of God who came into this world to save us?

That is, of course, what many people have done and what they continue to do.

It is a great tragedy -- a tragedy far greater than the murder of some great birds.

This is why, today, I would ask you to join with me in asking that hearts be made open to the Savior who lived, died and rose so we might be forgiven and saved. Let us ask the Lord to touch lost souls so they may appreciate His many gifts and especially Jesus, God's great gift of grace.

THE PRAYER: Dear Lord, You have commented that our hearts are evil, evil from when we are young (see Genesis 8:21). Left to our own devices, we are and would remain, lost. In spite of the wretched sinners we are, You have not changed. You still love us and desire to save us. To that end You sent Your Son to be our Substitute and Sacrifice. Today we ask the Lord that the lost be brought to faith and we pray all of us may be appreciative of all Your great gifts. In the Name of Jesus we ask it. Amen. 
YESTERDAY'S QUIZ: Who was Naomi (from the book of Ruth)?  Naomi was the mother in law of Ruth who, after both fo their husbands died, traveled back to Israel where Naomi lived out her days with her family and where Ruth met a man named Boaz and would later become known as an ancestor of such famous people as David and Jesus.
TODAY's QUIZ: (A two part question) What is a Nazirite and what famous person in the Bible was a Nazirite?
Note: not a Nazarene, a Nazirite.
Question: What is the benefit offered in this Sacrament?
a. The chief blessing of the Sacrament is the forgiveness of sins which Christ's body and blood have won for us on the cross,
b. Together with forgiveness God gives all other blessings as well, that is "life and salvation"
c. In the Sacrament Christ gives us victory over sin and hell and strength to live a new life for Him.
d. As Christians partake of this sacrament together, they make a solemn public confession of Christ and of unity in the truth of the Gospel.
Tues- Libby Pailer
Wed- Kathleen Sherman
Thurs- Charlie Figura
Fri- Kathryn Fischer
Sat- Caleb Figura, Jeff Napier
Sun- Cheri' Hofeldt, Natalie McDowell
none this week
Wed- Supper 5:30; bells 6; worship 7; choir 7:30
Thurs- nothing
Fri- assemble newsletter 9am
Sat- worship 5pm
Sun- Bible study 8am; worship 9am; Sunday school and Bible study 10:30
Elder- Sat- Hachtel; Sun- McDowell
Ushers- Wed- Winter, Scott, Walters, Linke; Sun- Hance, Dieckmann, Weigle, Stark
Acolyte- Wed- Heitgerd; Sun- Hoelscher
Lay reader- Sat- Nolte; Sun- McDowell
Greeters-  Klover
Altar- Setup- Callies/Vohsen  cleanup- Boeger
Organist- Dieckmann
Pianist- Sherman
Tellers- Team #4
Let's keep this going till every date is signed and accounted for

March 23-Peper
March 26- No projector
March 27- No projector
March 30- Schlesselmann
April 2- McKenzie
April 3-
April 6-
April 9-
April 10-Woolf
April 13-
April 16- Conner Figura
April 17-
April 21 (Maundy Thursday)- Mckenzie
April 22- (Good Friday)-
April 24 (Easter)- 6am                              10:30am-
April 30- Mckenzie
May 1- Figura
May 7-
May 8-
May 14-
May 15-Woolf
May 21-
May 22- Mckenzie
May 28- Figura
May 29- Schlesselmann 
June 4- Mckenzie
June 5- Panhorst
June 11-
June 12- Mckenzie
June 18-
June 19-Woolf
June 25-
June 26- Panhorst
July 2- Mckenzie
July 3-
July 9-
July 10- Figura
July 16-
July 17-Woolf
July 23-
July 24- Panhorst
July 30-
July 31- Mckenzie

DON'T FORGET  SUPPER IS AT 5:30 with roast pork, stuffing, veggies, rolls, and dessert!! THEN stay for worship at 7pm!!!
Adult singers who would like to sing on Sunday, April 10th during worship should contact Barb Dreyer at 456-8278, or just show up to the balcony this coming Saturday at 8:30am.
Please pray for us for safe travel and for a time of refreshing and growth in God's Word and in fellowship with other Christians.  We will be leaving Friday night at 4pm and returning Sunday afternoon around 1:30pm. 
PASTOR JON RAUH, a retired pastor from Michigan who now lives in Weldon Spring, will be here to preach, lead worship and lead a Bible study on Psalm 22. 

They could take FIVE more people, so if you want to go or know someone who wants to go, call Marilyn TODAY.
The folks in Japan have been dealing with the effects of a very severe earthquake that caused a lot of destruction.  We truly need to continue to help them in any way we can.  Go to  to see how you can help. 
 Thrivent will match all of the money we raise from our Lenten Dinners!  Please support your youth group throughout the Lenten Season!  
March 23- roast pork, vegetable, stuffing, rolls, applesauce, dessert
March 30- Baked potato bar with all the fixin's, salad, dessert
April 6- Chicken pot pie, salad, peaches, dessert
April 13- taco bar, chips and salsa, fruit salad, dessert

Lutheran Day at Busch Stadium is coming up quick!  It is Saturday, April 2.  The game starts at 3:10pm.  Denise Schlesselman has volunteered to drive the church bus for all who wish to go.  Tickets are $20 for the left field pavillion seats.  It is opening weekend and the first 12,000 kids 15 and under will receive a free 28" (that is full size if you were wondering) Rawlings bat.  Sign up ont eh sign up sheet on the bulletin board across from the church office or just all the church office and we'll sign you up.  More details to come soon about when sign up and money have to be in. 
Hundreds of people are infected with and die from the dreaded disease of malaria.  Malaria is easily preventable and also curable, but many folks cannot afford either the injections or the mosquito nets that are necessary.  Our LCMS congregations are all working together to provide the necessary things for these people.  Please give to this very worthwhile cause!
PRAYER REQUESTS:  (Please reply to this email to have prayer requests posted.)  
For ANNA HOELSCHER who is hospitalized with an unknown illness that is causing her dizziness and sickness in her stomach.
For FREDDIE KESSEL who had a pacemaker put in yesterday and should be going home today.
For LANEY WOOLF recovering from a brief hospitalization.
For ED KOHRS as he recovers from hip replacement surgery.  

For MARILYN FOSTER as she will have to have hand surgery again but not until sometime after Christmas.
For LIL WINTER, who is recovering after a brief hospitalization due to intestinal problems. 


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St. John's Group Email FW: Capacity Crowd Inspired, Energized, and Equipped to Share God's Love at LHM's ROC-Alexandria

Earlier this month I asked you all if there was anyone who would like to attend a conference with me on May 13 and 14 in Branson.  They just had one of these conferences in Minnesota and the email below is a recap of what happened at the conference.  Again, if anyone would want to go please let me know. 
Peace on your day!



Message from Lutheran Hour Ministries

Capacity Crowd Inspired, Energized, and Equipped to Share God's Love at LHM's ROC-Alexandria
Alexandria, MN, Mar. 22, 2011 - On March 18-19, Lutheran Hour Ministries (LHM) gave those braving the tail-end of a Minnesota winter something to get enthused about—its second Regional Outreach Conference (ROC). Held at the Arrowwood Resort and Conference Center in Alexandria, this two-day event—like LHM's first ROC a month earlier in Phoenix—exceeded attendance expectations with more than 400 people registering.

Nicolle Martinson Kuhn was quick to respond and tell us her thoughts on LHM's Facebook page: "What a beautiful, uplifting, wonderful conference! Thanks to all who put this together and may God continue to bless you and let His light shine through us! Praise be to God!"

Judy Hollister from Maple Grove, Minnesota, who attends Grace Lutheran Church, felt her ROC time was well spent too. "I wanted to become inspired. That's why I came to this event. It was nice to meet who is going to be our new Speaker for The Lutheran Hour. I'm excited, and I hope I can bring all this information back and share it with other people."

The ROC information Hollister will be sharing came in the form of topical addresses and breakout sessions given by pastors, ministry professionals, and specialists in Gospel outreach. Those attending strengthened their faith-sharing skills and broadened their knowledge on how to use technology to promote the Gospel, how to witness to individuals of other faiths, and how to engage a post-church culture for Christ, as well as a variety of other topics.

Among those in attendance were pastors and their wives and families. Pastor Steve Benson and his wife, Stephanie, from Eastern Heights Lutheran Church in St. Paul found the breakout sessions informative and enjoyed the content. "The ROC was awesome! LHM is reaching a new generation for Christ. Our teenager/young adult kids were engaged and energized to do more here at home. The openness to technology opened doors for our gang to plug in and take LHM seriously. This is a great sign for the future."

Pastor Paul Yearyean, his wife, Donna, and their two children, A.J. and Ezra, attended from Trinity Lutheran Church in Deer Creek. They appreciated the selection of speakers and topics and thought the materials would be useful in their ministry.

"People have expressed a great deal of thanks for the mindset shift they receive through their ROC training. Speakers gently challenge participants to come at outreach from a different angle," said Faith Spelbring, DCE and LHM's manager of ROC events. "People are literally taking home what they learn and putting it into practice right away!"

The next ROC is heading to the Ozarks Mountain Country in beautiful Southwest Missouri and will be held at the Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel on May 13-14. This resort and recreational venue features onsite dining, a swimming pool, a fitness center, and other amenities. Within quick-and-easy walking distance is the Branson Landing, a multi-million-dollar development featuring retail outlets, exclusive galleries, top-tier restaurants, and waterfront views of Lake Taneycomo. Visit for more information about this conference, as well as others Lutheran Hour Ministries will be hosting later this year.

Lutheran Hour Ministries is a Christian outreach ministry supporting churches worldwide in its mission of Bringing Christ to the Nations—and the Nations to the Church. LHM produces Christian radio and TV programming for broadcast, as well as Internet and print communications, dramas, music and outreach materials, to reach the unchurched in more than 30 countries. LHM's flagship program, The Lutheran Hour, is the world's longest-running Christian outreach radio program. It airs weekly on more than 1,350 stations. For more information about Lutheran Hour Ministries, visit
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