Prayer request for family of Claire Dennis, Chris Elcan's cousin

Chris's cousin's daughter, Claire Dennis, passed away this morning.  Please pray for her parents and the rest of her family including Chris and Becky Elcan. 
Peace be with you all!

Prayer request and info on Jonas's Condition

Jonas is Don Nolte's grandson.  We've been praying for him for several years now as he has been dealing with very severe cancer troubles.  Please pray for him today!
From Don Nolte,

I was at the hospital with him from Tuesday to Thursday,  They thought he would not make it through the night on Tuesday but God fooled them again.  One lung was half full of fluid. They drained it but it was not fully functioning.  They installed a tube as it was beginning to fill again but the tube became clogged with fleshy matter so they had to install a larger tube.Tne next step is to remove the lower lobe of that lung on Monday.  Each time he has come out better than they expected.  He lost a lot of protein from the drainage so they had  give him a blood transfusion and injections to increase the loss.
Kristin is going to do an update and I will pass that along to you when I get it.