Two celebrations coming up!!

We have two things to celebrate in the coming months!
1.  The congregation voted to pay off our Good Shepherd Mortgage and it has been done!! We are going to have a mortgage retirement ceremony and open house at Good Shepherd on Sunday, March 23 at 2pm!!  Please make plans to join us and to see the place if you've never been there. 
2. We have a wonderful flag pole with the American and Christian flags flying proudly.  It was donated last year by Elaine Schauer in memory of all who have served our country and installed by Billy Woolf with help from several others!  We will dedicate that flag and celebrate our freedoms in this country especially our freedom to worship as Christians the day after Flag Day, Sunday June 15!  This is also Father's Day so we will incorporate that into it as well. 
Please mark your calendars and join us to celebrate God's blessings!

Bookcase sponsors still needed

We are still in need of 21 more bookcase sponsors.  A bookcase for a child is $55.  If you want to aid in the literacy of children in your community and grow your children up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, this is an excellent way to do it! 
Please make checks payable to "Warren County bookcase"  and send checks to
First State Community Bank
C/O Kim Heimberger
1022 North Highway 47 Warrenton, MO 63383

Wed. Feb 26, 2014

Daily Devotions from Lutheran Hour Ministries
By Pastor Ken Klaus, Speaker Emeritus of The Lutheran Hour

Use these devotions in your newsletter and bulletin!  Used by permission; all rights reserved by the Int'l LLL (LHM). 

"Borders, Fences and Chasms"
February 26, 2014
Spanish Daily Devotions Israel Sepia 8-6-13And besides all this, between us and you a great chasm has been fixed, in order that those who would pass from here to you may not be able, and none may cross from there to us. Luke 16:26
In his poem, "Mending Wall," Robert Frost quotes his neighbor as saying, "Good fences make good neighbors." Mr. Frost doesn't much agree with that idea, and there was a time in my life when I didn't either.

Still, there is some truth in the idea that good fences and good borders make for good neighbors.

Sometimes, like the borders between Israel and the countries which surround her, they can mark real differences in religion, morality, philosophy and geographical claims. Then there are borders like that which separates North and South Korea. That border keeps separate two nations with two completely different political systems. And if you're wondering just how different are they ...?

Well, they are so different that for months those divergent nations have been thinking about talking about the possibility of allowing controlled reunions between a few of the families, which were separated when the border went up in the 1950s. Everyone involved with this process understands such a gathering is not guaranteed nor certain. Even so, the talks provide hope for members of the older generation who wish to see loved ones one last time before they die.

Of course, not all borders are earthly. Scripture speaks of another border: the chasm which separates heaven from hell. That border has been in existence longer than any other. To the best of my knowledge that chasm has only been crossed once, and that was on Resurrection Sunday when the Christ, having descended into hell, rose from the dead.

It would be impossible to list the differences that exist between those two places. One is filled with joy and jubilation, the other with sadness and sorrow. One echoes with songs of praise, and the other the moans of those who are in agony. The inhabitants of one place acknowledge the great love and grace of God, which has brought them there, and the other has souls that eternally long for a second chance, a second chance which will never come.

Understand, it is not the Triune God's fault that those lost souls languish as they do. It was His desire that all people be called to faith in His Son, who gave His life so all of humanity's sins might be removed and they might be forgiven. Not only did the Lord sacrifice His Son for our salvation, He also extended an invitation to "Believe, be baptized, be saved." (See Mark 16:16.)

It was an offer made without cost to the recipient and remains in effect as long as that individual is alive. Yes, God made a long-standing, but not an everlasting, offer to us. To share that offer to the world is why your denomination, your church, your school, Lutheran Hour Ministries does what it does.

We want to make sure no soul has to spend eternity contemplating and cursing the chasm that separates them from heaven.

THE PRAYER: Dear Lord, I give thanks that by Jesus' blood I have a home in heaven. Now may I reach out to those who are headed for the other side of the chasm. Bless my words and let these people see, while there is time, how bad things are on the other side. This I ask in Jesus' Name. Amen.
Pastor KlausIn Christ I remain His servant and yours,

Pastor Ken Klaus
Speaker Emeritus of The Lutheran Hour®
Lutheran Hour Ministries
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Today Read:
Leviticus 6-7; Mark 6:1-29
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TUESDAY'S QUIZ: How many men went with Gideon to defeat their enemies?  300 men divided into three companies. 
WEDNESDAY'S QUIZ:  How did Delilah take Samson's strength away?
Wed- Choir 7pm
Fri- Assemble newsletter
Sat- Bible class 4pm; worship 5pm
Sun- worship 8:30 and 11; Sunday school (The Story Chapter 8)
Acolytes- 8:30- Natalie McDowell; 11- Devin Miller
Altar guild- Set up- Don and Dianne Hance; Clean up- Pam Linke
Greeters- 8:30- Rob and Julie Schaumberg; 11- Charlie and Lynn Figura
Communion Assistants- Sat- Rich Boeger; 8:30- Rich Talbert; 11- Charlie Figura
Lay Readers- Sat- Sandra Perricone; 8:30- Alan Hofeldt;  11am- Isabella Linstruth
Sat. Pianist- Barb Dreyer
8:30 Ushers- Charlie, Jason, Caleb, and Colton Figura
I would like to gather as many FAMILIES together to go roller skating on Sunday, April 6.  If we get 20 people or more we can get a group rate of just $5 per skater. 
We would all meet there around 1pm and skate as long as we want! 
Let me know if you want to participate!!!
I will be biking across part of Kansas, about 250 miles in all, on June 7-9 to raise money for  Lead a Child is a LCMS recognized service organization that provides funding for kids to attend schools, many of them Christian schools, in third world countries.  It has provided A LOT for ministries and missions to help kids who would otherwise have NO EDUCATION in places like Guatemala, Kenya, Uganda, Mexico, and many other places.  Please consider supporting me so that we can continue to support children throughout the world!  As of January 1, I am also on the board of directors for this organization.

Even if you haven't been there before, come and enjoy a hearty breakfast, some good fellowship, and even learn something about How We Got the Bible.  Let me know if you are coming ASAP!!
ASH WEDNESDAY, MARCH 5!!!!   Make plans to attend SUPPER at 5:30 and Worship at 6:30!!!
Our theme is "Forgiveness and Peace in the Psalms"
Come for supper!  Our jr and sr hi youth are hosting the dinners!!  All proceeds go to help the youth help others and be witnesses to the world! 
Menu:  Fried chicken and all the fixin's on Ash Wednesday!

THIS WEEK:  THE STORY: CHAPTER 8  "A Few Good Men and Women"
Come to Bible Study on Saturday night at 4pm or Sunday morning at 9:45 to get all your questions answered and to learn more about the time of the Judges and the constant back and forth between faithfulness and falling away. 
If you see the following kids around town or at church tell them you want to donate to the 30 Hour Famine Fundraiser:  Or you can call pastor at 636-359-1061 or stop by church to donate.   ALL MONEY RAISED GOES TO FEED STARVING CHILDREN AND HELP PEOPLE SUSTAIN THEIR OWN WAY OF LIVING THROUGH FARMING, EARNING A LIVING, OR FINDING CLEAN WATER SOURCES!!
Cara Klaustermeier
Isabella Linstruth
Ian Brunson
Emily Brunson
Shawn Jaeger
Siera Jaeger
Sam Johnson
Austin Heitgerd
Kailyn Blechle
Conner Figura
Make checks payable to "World Vision"

You may be wondering what is going on with that DCE Intern we voted on last year.  The application has been received and now the director of placement from Concordia, Seward, Nebraska will be here to visit with us Thursday night and Friday during the day.  We are drawing closer to the day when we will have more ministry help!
There is a $30 nonrefundable registration fee.  Students must be 3 or 4 years old by Aug 1.  Enrollment for the community will be gin April 1.  For more info call Lisa Rausch or Karin Klaustermeier.
A big part of The Story experience is that the whole family grows together in it as each person in the family reads it, you will all literally be on the same page.  yet, it may be hard to get discussion going or to help you get started together.   Are you looking for a way to connect with your kids as they and you read The Story together?  There's help!
If you click the link below you will find parent pages for all age groups that you can use to connect with your kids at least once a week.  Whenever your "together" time is, make it productive.  It is a .pdf file of parent pages that goes from lesson one all the way through 31.  Check it out and tell me what you think.  I think they are excellent!!

PRAYER REQUESTS:  (If you have a prayer request please reply to this email or call me at 636-359-1061)
WENDELL AND MARY ANN ROEHRS who lost their home in a fire this past Friday night.
THOSE WITH CANCER, the many among our family and friends who are struggling with cancer.

JAYME VESSEL, an "almost" member of St. John's who is due to have a baby girl on the 17th, but it may come sooner due to frequent contractions.

COUGAR CLIFFORD, 15 year old who had an accident playing in the snow on Jan 7 and broke his neck.  He has undergone extensive surgery and is recovering but is still unable to move his legs.  
JONAS BORCHERT, grandson of Don Nolte, as he continues to deal with cancer in his lungs.
DONNA HEITGERD recovering at Scott and Lani Heitgerd's from a broken hip.


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