Spaghetti Dinner for Missionary Denise Schlesselmann, Saturday, July 27 at 6pm

Make plans NOW to attend a special "sending" dinner for Denise Schlesselmann.  She will soon be heading to the Czech Republic for a year and most probably two to teach ESL classes at an elementary school. 
Part of the purpose of the dinner is to commit to providing both prayer support and financial support for her while she is a missionary. 
Please make every effort to attend!!
RSVP to the church office or to pastor.
Peace be with you all!

FW: From Sandy Robine - Update on prayer request for 9 year old Anna - To God Be The Glory!! Thanks to our prayer warriors!


PRAISE GOD that 9 year old Anna came through her open heart surgery today!  Thank you to all of you prayer warriors that prayed for her.
As you woud probably expect, we need to keep praying for her and healing.
Her Grandma Ann told me this evening that after they put her heart "back in" her body after surgery (lasted most of the day) that it began beating on it's own pretty quickly.  That was a good sign for sure.  Also the doctor was encouraged by how quickly after surgery they were able to take out her breathing tube.  Another good sign.
She will be in intensive care though for awhile which is normal for this type of surgery.  With the heart disease she was born with, they expect the repairs they made today to last until she is about 17 years old.  At that time, she will probably have another surgery.  I'm thinking since that is 8 years down the road, quite possibly many new breakthroughs for her health condition can be made.
We are all just so thankful that today had a positive ending.  Little Anna has quite a healing and re-hab journey ahead of her and she will still need all of our prayers.  So, if you would, please keep her lifted up in prayer, along with her Mommy & Daddy and sisters and grandparents.  Thank you all so much on behalf of Anna and her family.
I have to share one more thing with you all.  Below I have copied and pasted Anna's note she left for her little sister, Gracie, before she left the house very early this morning for her surgery. Her Grandma Ann sent it to me in an email early this morning.

Dear Gracie, I will miss you.;  Please visit. You may play with my Lego
set. Love, Anna  PS Don't worry.
Yeah, I know...I went straight for a tissue myself while reading this.  Anna is always thinking of someone else no matter what she is going through. 
God's peace on your day,
Sandy Robine