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***SAVE THE DATE***  The date of the Youth Group Steak Dinner and Auction has been set for Saturday, February 11, 2012.   Doors will open at 6:00 p.m. and dinner will be served at 6:30 p.m.  Please join us for a night of fun and fundraising.  We will be having the old favorites:  silent auction  and 50/50 drawing as well as the new favorites: live auction, dessert dash, wine raffle, and the WILD HEARTS JACKPOT DRAWING where there is a chance to win $500.00.
Tickets for the WILD HEARTS $500 DRAWING are on sale now.  Please ask a youth group member to get  yours.  The tickets are 1 for $10 but for an additional $10 you can get 10 more tickets and have 11 chances at winning! 
The youth will begin selling dinner/auction tickets at the beginning of January in the narthex after services. Tickets are $15 per person.  Bid only tickets are $5.00.   You may also contact Marilyn to reserve tickets.
In order to guarantee that you get to sit with a special group of family or friends, you may want to consider purchasing a table of 8 for $120. 
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St. John's Group Email Joplin

Immanuel Lutheran Church in in Joplin is taking workers to help with construction. 
I'd love to take a group down to Joplin for a couple days in January and/or February to work on some houses. 
Trent Davis, Immanuel's director of disaster response sent the following:
"The Lord has blessed us with the ability to get five decent sized projects under roof before the weather has gotten too ugly here, however we have only a few teams committed from Dec-Feb. We need additional teams.
All help will be greatly appreciated. Types of skills we are looking for include: electricians, plumbers, HVAC, drywall, painters and interior trim.
Not everyone on a team needs to be skilled but we need enough skilled folks to give direction to the willing. Thanks and Blessings!"
Contact information for Trent is:
Director of Disaster Response Trent Davis
Immanuel Lutheran Church – LCMS; 2616 Connecticut Ave; Joplin, MO 64804;
417.624.0333 | fax: 417.624.2774;

If anyone wants to go with me for a few days let me know asap and I will set it up.  I'm pretty sure that all we'd really have to pay for is food. 

St. John's Group Email Jonas update


Jonas's Updates

December 6, Tuesday

Posted 19 hours ago
I just realized that I never mentioned that we made it home! Sorry. I should have let you know that there were no complications (other than rain the whole drive) and we made it back to Kansas City just fine. As my big sister says, "There's no place like home, Dorothy." = )
Jonas went to Children's Mercy on Monday to get back into the swing of things. He has an appointment tomorrow for several things including a CT scan to see just what kind of progress has been made. He is feeling better and better. He is up and walking again, but is still taking very little (if any) food by mouth.
He told me before we left Houston that he really looks forward to decorating the house for the holidays, so today we got out all our decorations and started putting those up. The dusting of snow on the ground this morning made it just seem perfect timing. We were spoiled with that Houston weather. It's time to bundle up.

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Posted 3 hours ago
Welcome home Jonas and Kristen! You have definitely been missed. It is good to hear that you made it back safely and without incident. Jonas I hope you continue to feel better and get stringer. Praying from good news at Children's Mercy today and that much progress has been made. Enjoy every moment of the holiday season! It is my favorite time of the year, so awesome to be with family and to remember the REAL meaning of Christmas! Love you all lots!
Posted 7 hours ago
so glad you are home and getting ready for the holidays. loved watching the video of you ringing the gong and getting another jersey!
Posted 7 hours ago
I am sooooo very happy for the whole family. I am sure that brette,blair and joel have missed you all tremendously.
Posted 8 hours ago
Glad to hear you are home, I'm sure the girls were excited. I will pray for the visit today at Chilrens Mercy. Jonas you are awesome, stay strong. Denise L
Posted 11 hours ago
We are glad you are home safe and sound. I hope he keeps feeling better and better. You are one tough guy Jonas.
Posted 12 hours ago
Happy you guys made it back safe and sound, and Jonas is feeling better! We'll be praying for positive test results!
Posted 16 hours ago
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad you are home!!!!!
We are all so proud of Jonas and hope he will start feeling human again! More so every day!
Tell us when we can make a Ben and Jerry run!
Love from Merryland and Koshieland
Posted 19 hours ago
SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy that he is back with the whole family! Yeah Jonas...way to fight the fight with the proton treatments!
Posted 19 hours ago
So glad to hear you both made it back without complications. I'm sure you and Jonas are happy to be home in time for the holidays and as always I will be praying for a positive outcome from the upcoming tests!!
Lots of love,
Christy (Galate) Edick and kids
Posted 19 hours ago
Welcome home, Jonas! We've all missed you a lot and I know Cam has missed you.
Welcome, angie

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