Prayer request for Libby Pailer

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Date:06/01/2014 8:52 AM (GMT-06:00)
To: Barbara Kernell ,Coleen Bottorff ,DAVID ,DOUGLAS PAILER ,Dawn DeBlaze ,Floyd Cantrell ,Janice Lucas ,John Sander ,Lucille Luebke ,Pamb ,Patricia King ,Scott Deblaze ,Shannon Tobben ,Sue Ruhl ,bruce Wibracht ,carole johnson ,charles stark ,,,jeremy klaustermeier ,wilma weigle
Subject: Libby

Satuday at 1 AM my Libby fell and broke the wing of her pelvis. She is in very bad pain. She is in Mercy hospital in St. Louis. They wont do anything as far as surgery until the specialist sees her on Monday. I need your prayers for the love of my life! I Know that God will protect her but prayers will help a lot. I thank you dear friends . Larry P

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