St. John's Group Email Wednesday, September 21, 2011

DEVOTION:   For My people are foolish; they know Me not; they are stupid children; they have no understanding. They are 'wise' -- in doing evil! But how to do good they know not. Jeremiah 4:22

Using the prophet Jeremiah as His spokesman, God looked at His sinful, rebellious people and said they were "'wise' in doing evil."

It appears the children of Israel had a head start on a man from D'leberville, Mississippi.

The UPI reports that employees from the Winn Dixie store in that town reported Nathan Hardy to the police. They said they were sure he was shoplifting from the store.

He was.

When the police showed up, Hardy made a run for it. He ran, but he tripped and was arrested. Only when he was in their custody did the police discover the magnitude of the man's crimes. In case you haven't read the story, I'll tell you what Hardy took.

Hardy took two live lobsters. This he did by stuffing them into the front pockets of his shorts. Then Hardy, not yet satisfied, took some bags of shrimp and a pork loin. These he placed into the waistband of his shorts.

It was a crime which was wrong on any number of different levels.

Let us merely say that Nathan Hardy has not shown himself to be one of the folks who are 'wise' in doing evil.

Of course, from God's perspective, all evil doing is unwise. It was unwise when Adam and Eve took the forbidden fruit. Since they had no shorts to hide what they were doing, they ate that fruit on the spot and brought death and damnation upon the world.

Not very wise, was it?

Nor are the sins we commit. We can't hide them; we can't get rid of them; we can't save ourselves from them.

So that we might be rescued, the Heavenly Father sent His Son into this world. In an unprecedented act of grace, the Lord gave His only-Begotten so we unwise sinners can be forgiven and adopted into the family of faith.

It is my prayer you know those truths already ... and that you are not one of the foolish who reject the Savior and depend upon your own wisdom in getting by without Him.

THE PRAYER: Dear Lord, unwise Nathan has ended up in the Harrison County Adult Detention Center. That place may be a bad one, but it is a palace compared to the place the unwise, unsaved sinners of this world are going to. Before it is too late -- and while they yet have time -- I pray they may see that true wisdom comes in acknowledging Jesus is their Savior. In His Name I pray. Amen.
YESTERDAY'S QUIZ:     What kind of man wrote Psalm 102? an afflicted man
Dianne Hance is our new one day champion!
TODAY'S QUIZ: What wrote on the wall near the lampstand in the royal palace during Belshazzar's reign in Babylon?
Question: What is the Sabbath day?
Answer:  In the Old Testament Gos set aside the seventh day (Saturday) as a required day of rest (Sabbath means "rest") and worship. 
Question: Does God require us to observethe Sabbath and other holy days of the Old Testament?
Wed- Ladies Aid 1pm; bell choir 6:30; choir 7:30
Fri- men leave for men's retreat all weekend
Sat- worship 5pm
Sun- no early Bible study; worship 9am; Bible study 10:30
Pastors Wyssmann and Weseman will be here to give the congregation the results of the findings of the CARE process and their recommendations and we will vote on whether or not to go ahead with the recommendations.  Please come and show your support. 
Come and hang out with pastor.  We will have a devotion and prayer time and just hang out for a little while. 
THE ROCK- NEXT WEEKEND   Sept 30 and October 1- Firstfruits weekend at the ROCK.  Pastor Randy Wilken invites groups to come down to St. Louis on the first weekend of each month to serve, worship, and fellowship with other Christians from around the area.  We are signed up to go down there Friday, Sept 30 and Sat, Oct 1!  It is an unforgetable and wonderful experience.  Make plans ot attend!

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26- Mauch


PRAYERS: (If I have missed anyone please let me know.)
For PATTY SWEET'S BROTHER who is dealing with an inoperable brain tumor, and is weighing his options. 
For LIL WINTER who is home and recovering well!  She will have to have another minor procedure in a few weeks.    
For PAUL TOEDEBUSCH who has begun chemotherapy treatments.
For JERRICA PARK (WILLIAMS) and her new baby Lucy. (A prayer of thanksgiving)
For CAROL KOHRS as she is dealing with severe back and neck pain.
For DAVE KOHRS as he is dealing with cancer in his abdomen.
For PEGGY GILKEY who is recovering from knee replacement surgery.
For JONAS BORCHERT, grandson of Don Nolte, who continues to be up and down because of chemotherapy treatments.   
OUR CHURCH as we continue the CARE PROCESS.  

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