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Jonas's Updates

Thursday, November 10

Posted Nov 11, 2011 12:25am
Today Jonas spent four hours in the waiting room to get a 10 minute injection of chemo. It was a quick one. Then we went and spent an hour at the proton center. He is starting to show signs of irritation from the radiation that looks like a sunburn across his left cheek and temple, and redenning his left eye somewhat. (Still no vision in that eye, and Dr. Hughes confirmed once more today that it probably will never come back. We have met so many people - with and without cancer- that have only one functioning eye that Jonas is comfortable with the idea now and is adapting quite well.) Our proton specialist says the burn will probably continue to get more uncomfortable and gave him a cream to put on it. She also recommended a special mouthwash as she noticed that his saliva consistency is getting a little thick --something they are watching for. Because of the location of the radiation, they anticipate that he will probably lose some of his salivary gland function and want to keep his mouth from drying out. Saliva is important for digestion, but also for keeping the tongue soft and for protecting the teeth, too. Jonas has already been using a special toothpaste with extra flouride in it to protect his teeth. He has to take super, extra, good care of his teeth because once his mouth and jaw have been treated with proton radiation he will never be able to get braces, root canals, or have any teeth pulled. If he does, it is possible, maybe even likely, that he will lose a portion of his jaw because the radiation is damaging the jawbone's ability to fight future infections or adapt to changes. These things are a small price to pay compared to what regular radiation in Kansas City had to hold for him. Regular radiation would have meant losing his lower left jawbone, all the teeth on his left side, part of his tongue, several saliva glands, part of his left cheek bone, his pituitary gland and most likely brain damage. So this is the comparisson, and why we are here in Texas. Gooooooooooooo Proton!
A big thank you to Amy Alvidrez and Jessica Bobal, two more of Jonas' awesome teachers, for the Crop Against Cancer fundraiser they held at PLMS last weekend. I am told that it was a great success and a good time was had by all! Thanks to the folks at the Scrapbook Boutique in Lee's Summit and the many others who contributed . Making memories. = )
And Jess, thank you for calling up my girls and inviting Blaire to go trick-or-treating with you. That meant a lot to me. And they were such cute princesses, too!
You may remember that last week I mentioned the 'Jack-o-lanterns for Jonas' fundraiser they had at Mason Elementary. Well, the student council put together and sent us a booklet with a picture of each decorated pumkin along with a message from each entrant. So fun! Jonas and I have poured over it and still can't decide which one is our favorite. But he does want to know......which one won??? Thank you Teresa Bryant and Sarah Keller, the StuCo sponsers, for making that happen and for the generous donation. That was all really cool.
Jonas got several care packages this week. Thank you to Mrs. Dahn for his choir shirt, sweatshirt, and bracelet. He is now a full fledged choir Ninja! Thanks to Kelli Jordan, Marta Gillilan, Chris Costman, Susan Murphy. Aunt Lizzie, you rock. And also to all the folks who continue to leave uplifting messages of understanding and encouragement - Mel,Reg, Debi, Wendie, Steve, Donna, Marilyn and all the other message writers-- It makes our life seem less of a trainwreck to be gawked at and more of an interactive communitcation when someone takes the time to acknowledge what was written and blog a bit back at us. Thank you.
Jonas got a special care package this week from none other than Derek Jeter! New York Yankees, baby! He read and reread the letter about 5 times, and still couldn't believe it! Bet you can't guess what was in the bag.......
While out to dinner at a restaurant this week, Jonas also ran into several police officers and Marines who gave him some patches and trading coins like Officer Wiley gave him. After talking for a bit, one of the men was so impressed with him that he GAVE him his Naval and Marine Achievement Medal that he had earned in Iraq. He said that he had signed up for his battle, and Jonas didn't. He commended Jonas for being so brave in the face of something so daunting. He encouraged him to stay strong, keep fighting and beat this thing. Tomorrow is Veteran's Day. Remember those who have served. The selflessness they put out there on the line is unequalled.

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Posted 21 hours ago
Love reading your updates and am amazed at the amount of people praying for Jonas. God couln't be more close to you and bringing so many people into your lives. He is watching over you daily and loves you so much. We will continue our prayers and will continue smiling when we read the positive posts such as this one.
We were watching some home movies from your Dads barb q a few years ago and the kids have all grwon so much. We were laughing at all of them swing the bat at the pinnata, especially Jonas, he ept on swinging till all the pinnata was gone. Miss you all.
Posted 23 hours ago
Wow, Jonas - you have truly met some wonderful people. Kristin, your stories remind us all of how kind and compassionate people can be - thank you for always reminding us that there are still great people out there!
Sorry I haven't left you any messages for awhile. You are always on my mind and our family prays for you daily! You're proving to everyone what I already knew - that you are a remarkable young man. I am glad that you're able to make some positive memories of your experience in Texas. It's so cool that Derek Jeter sent you a letter and a gift! You definitely have some great gifts to show to all of your friends when you get back in town!
I also wanted to thank you for the gift you sent me. I love the color and all the detail you added! Kristin, I would love to send Jonas some extra duct tape if he's running low - just let me know! They have so many cool colors and patterns now. Jonas, hang in there and keep that positive attitude going! We love and miss you very much. Hope to see you soon!
Posted 1 day ago
Hey bud- Glad you got the package with your choir stuff in it! As soon as I can, I will e-mail you a video of the concert the other night (if Morales doesn't beat me to it...I have a feeling he will!) I can't wait to see your face back in choir! We miss you! " Don't worry about a thing...cause every little thing is gonna be alright!" the whole choir was clapping and singing that little bit over and over until we all got onto the risers at the concert. See you soon Captain Proton! ~ Sing-cerely, Mrs. Dahn
Posted 1 day ago
Jonas & Kristen,
So good to hear from you and the update on the treatment. I am so proud of Jonas and the strength he has as he fights this horrible disease. Even though Proton Therapy is causing some permanent damage to Jonas it does sound like a much better alternative to regular radiation treatment. I was so touched by the story of the Marine giving Jonas the Achievement Medal he received from serving in Iraq. What a kind and generous act on his part. He is right though, Jonas did not sign up for his battle! You all are always in my thoughts and prayers. Very cool that Derek Jeter sent Jonas a care package and wrote him a letter. I know that Jonas must truly feel loved and cared for the way so many are reaching out to him, it is so awesome. Thanks for the update and continue to Fight the Fight! We all love you and miss you.
Posted 2 days ago
Hang in there Jonas, we all love you very much. I am in awe of your strength, you are an amazing young man.
Mrs. Utter
Posted Nov 11, 2011 11:48am
This one brought tears too! Jonas, hang in there. You are such a brave young boy. We miss seeing you out and about next door. Jeff was just asking this morning, on our walk, when I thought you'd be home. Kristen, hope you are doing well. Your girls are so cute. Blaire is so funny. I don't see her or talk to her much - saw her just after getting her ears pierced. I walked over and chatted with her and Brette for a while. Blaire had me cracking up - was so full of drama while telling me things. And Brette, what a great young lady she is. She is so sweet, so polite and seems to be a wonderful big sister to Blaire. Hang in there. You and Jonas are in our thoughts and prayers daily.
Posted Nov 11, 2011 11:09am
Oh my.....I too got emotional as I read this. Getting the medal did me in. I'm so proud of you Jonas and your strength. I am also so happy you have the option of Proton vs regular radiation. You are awesome....keep fighting!!
Posted Nov 11, 2011 9:33am
I have GOT to stop reading these at school while I have classes in my room. The last THREE posts have made me tear up. Sappy sappy Mrs. Bobal. The medals, the random woman at the store who purchased your duct tape, the note from derek jeter, all of it amazes me. Look at all the people you have touched!! What a platform you have!
Trick or treating was our pleasure. Truly. The girls came over last night for dinner and Kaelyn was in tears over Blaire leaving. So Kaelyn then decided that next time she is going over to your house and all the grown ups are leaving and just she and Brette and Blaire were going to hang out and bake cookies and Kaelyn would bring over her cookie cutters and.... it goes on and on. She just talked Brette's ear off making plans for the future. I'm sure that doesn't surprise you about my little miss chatterbox.
Since I did not respond to a previous post, let me first say, I thought your description of the proton building and how it all works was facinating. The science nerd in me read and reread that. So cool! GO PROTON!!!
Jonas, I'm sorry you are starting to feel the discomfort from the radiation. My momma said that it felt like a perpetual bad sunburn. Hope the cream helps. As Marilyn states, we are so amazed by the things you are induring all while maintaining an positive outlook. You are a hero to many - myself included. I cannot believe the strength you can muster, though it is amazing what people do when they have to. Jonas- you are thought of often. Not a day goes by when someone (teacher, student, etc) doesn't ask me how you are doing. Can't wait to see that smiling face of yours again. xoxo
Love and miss you K.
Posted Nov 11, 2011 9:08am
WOW!!! How cool to be given those medals - we all know Jonas certainly deserves them and what an awesome thing for that to be recognized by total strangers!!!! What an inspiration all this is to everyone!!!
Posted Nov 11, 2011 9:03am
We missed you at the concert last night. The Black & Gold made their entrance from the back, walking up singing and clapping to the words on the back of the Fight the Fight shirt. They did an awesome job for you! The orchestra dedicated Danny Boy to you and of course it was awesome! Just think how spectacular both groups will be when you rejoin them! Your place is reserved in choir and orchestra and in everyone's heart!
You have so many people praying for you and doing or planning so many things to help you in your fight. I think we should come up with a game called the 6 Degrees of Jonas Borchert. I think you must be 'bout as famous as Kevin Bacon.
Jeffrey misses you like crazy! He's always checking for messages from you on all of his electronic portals.... I wish I could just stick him on a plane and send him your way. Just know that good thoughts and many prayers are flying your way pretty much 24/7.
Love from the Burrow Family :)
Posted Nov 11, 2011 8:37am are so brave....we are in awe of what you are withstanding....BUT...we know the outcome will be favorable .
We foresee your wearing an eye patch, brightly decorated, and starting a whole new fashion trend!
We love and miss your family. I keep intending to make a brisket and bringing to BRette, Blair, and Joel...but have been so busy I never am in the kitchen!
We got some rain here finally but not enough cold weather to bring the sucks and geese onto the lake. They are awaiting your return, too.
Continue to make progress...we await your trip home...
Merry land and Koshieland
Posted Nov 11, 2011 12:35am
I almost hollered at Cam to tell him about the Derek Jeter package, but then I remembered it is 11:30. Hopefully he's sleeping! His dad already messed up this week on Tuesday - there was no school and he woke him up anyway. I'm not sure Cam's over that yet. The choir/orchestra/band concert was tonight. The choir came in singing and clapping to "your" song and the orchestra dedicated a song to you, too. The only thing better would have been for you to have actually been there! Everybody sounded so great. Just a few more weeks for you in warm Houston - it will be pretty cold by the time you head back up here!
Welcome, angie

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St. John's Group Email C.H.U.R.C.H. Ministry "SHOWER" Kits for Stand Down Dinner - Updated Sunday - Nov. 13 - 12:45 PM


Please notice the items still needed and, if you are able to help, please call or email me DIRECT at 456-4147 or
Many of you receiving this have already generously helped toward building these shower kits and for that we THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! 
I hope I have helped let you all know what items are still needed by marking them in red and the number of those items that are still needed.  I realize some of the "counts" may look like they don't "compute"; but some of the shampoo/conditioner/body soaps are various types of combined products.  I've taken that into account.  Just don't try to figure it out!  LOL!!!  Trust me, it will make you crazy, and one of us like that is certainly enough.  :~)   The items that we do not need are marked COMPLETE.

Note:  If any of you would like to contribute to the Shower Kit list; but have trouble getting out or do not have time in your schedule this week & wished you had a "personal shopper" well...  I will be happy to "shop" for you!  Sandy Robine
   ***The items still needed total about $300.  Between Wal-Mart (towels) & Dollar Tree (the rest!) right here in Warrenton, I can complete the list!!



St. John's C.H.U.R.C.H. Ministry



needs your help to "build" 50 shower kits for this year's "Stand Down Dinner" for our areas veterans and homeless.  Our Warren County Health Department is providing a shower trailer for that day (November 19, 2011); but, shower kits are needed to provide essentials for those that want to take advantage of the shower trailer.  So, we are "building" 50 shower kits for that purpose. 

If you can help with this project, the following items are needed at St. John's by Sunday Morning, November 13th   

Please put your donated items on the "spare pew" in the church OVERFLOW area.


IMPORTANT: If you can help, or have any questions, please DO NOT HIT "REPLY" call Sandy Robine at 456-4061 or email at   DIRECT.  Thank you!


We will need 50 each of the following "new" items:


Bath Towels (standard size)STILL NEED 15!-----------------------------6 bath towels Joanne Hachtel - (note from Joanne:  Wentzville Deals store has these for $3/ea.!)Thanks Joanne!

                                                                                                                                                           (also Warrenton Wal-Mart has some really nice bath towels for $2.97/each!)

                                                                                                              6 bath towels Kathy Barrow - Thanks Kathy!

                                                                                                              3 bath towels Bob & Sue Ruhl - Thanks Ruhls!

                                                                                                              10 bath towels Barb & Allan Dreryer - Thanks Dreyers!

                                                                                                              10 bath towels Jim Rahn - Thanks Jim!



Hand Towel (still need 45)----------------------------------------------------5 hand towels Carol Brazee - Thanks Carol!


Conditioner (need 10 more)-------------------------------------------------10 conditioners Dennis & Donna Perry - Thanks Perrys!



Liquid Body Soap (need 6 more)----------------------------------------- 5 liquid body soaps Kathy Barrow - Thanks Kathy!

                                                                                                               1 liquid body soap Bob & Sue Ruhl - Thanks Ruhls!


Shaving Cream (STILL NEED 42!).................................................5 shaving cream Dianne Hance - Thanks Dianne!

                                                                                                                 3 shaving cream Rich & Peggy Talbert - Thanks Talberts!


Deodorant (STILL NEED 17!) ---------------------------------------------5 deodorants Carol Brazee - Thanks Carol!

                                                                                                              8 deodorants Rich & Peggy Talbert - Thanks Talberts!

                                                                                                             10 deodorants Whitey Marshall - Thanks Whitey!

                                                                                                             10 deodorants Dave & Lil Winter - Thanks Winters!


Brushes (need 30 more)------------------------------------------------------  20 brushes Karin Klaustermeier - Thanks Karin!





COMPLETE!  Wash Cloth----------------------------------------------------------------20 wash cloths Terry McKenzie - Thanks Terry! 

                                                                                                             10 wash cloths  Dianne Hance - Thanks Dianne!

                                                                                                             18 wash cloths Cindy Klover - Thanks Cindy!

                                                                                                               2 wash cloths Kathy Barrow - Thanks Kathy!




COMPLETE!  White Rain 3 in 1 Shampoo/Conditioner/Body Wash!!  Warrenton Dollar Tree & Doller General carry these for $1/each!!!!

                                                                                                               8 White Rain 3 in 1 from Rich & Peggy Talbert - Thanks Talberts!

                                                                                                               5 White Rain 3 in 1 from Dolores DeBlaze - Thanks Dolores!

                                                                                                              15 White Rain 3 in 1 from Karin Klaustermeier - Thanks Karin!

                                                                                                              10 White Rain 3 in 1 from Dave & Lil Winter - Thanks Winters!



COMPLETE! Shampoo------------------------------------------------------10 shampoos Dennis & Donna Perry - Thanks Perrys!

                                                                                                              10 shampoos Doug & Ruth Walters - Thanks Walters!



COMPLETE! Shampoo/Conditioner Combination----------------------- 5 shampoo/conditioners Cindy Klover - Thanks Cindy!

                                                                                                              5 shampoo/conditioners Sandy Robine




COMPLETE! Combs------------------------------------------------20 combs Jennifer Figura - Thanks Jen!

                                                                                                              10 combs Karin Klaustermeier - Thanks Karin!

                                                                                                               20 combs Sandy Robine


COMPLETE! Razor---------------------------------------------------------------------------30 razors Terry McKenzie - Thanks Terry!

                                                                                                              20 razors Sandy Robine




COMPLETE!  Toothbrush/Toothpaste-----------------------------------10 toothbrush/toothpaste kits in plastic carry cases (found at Big Lots for $1/ea just like you get from the dentist)  Sandy Robine

                                                                                                              40+ toothbrush/toothpaste kits in plastic carry cases from our Warrenton Dentists!!!

                                                                                                                                                                                          DR. PAZ/Warrenton - Thanks Dr. Paz & staff!

                                                                                                                                                                                          DR. BRADY/Warrenton - Thanks Dr. Brady & staff!

                                                                                                                                                                                          DR. BRENT/Warrenton - Thanks Dr. Brent & staff!

                                                                                                                                                                                          DR.  DOOLEY/Warrenton - Thanks Dr. Dooley & staff!


COMPLETE!  XXL Plastic Storage Bags (ziploc with handle)--------------------------------------------All  50 from Dolores DeBlaze & Molly Hendershot - Thanks Dolores & Molly!


As you can see, there are many of our neighbors that really need our help.  God works "through" each and every one of us. 




***Please note that the "hygiene" kits that our youth group are making are different from these "shower" kits.  The youth still are making their 300 hygiene kits for the same event.  Your contact for the youth group project is Toni Mauch.


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