a reminder during this heat wave from the Health Dept.

From:   Michael Daniels, Emergency Management Director

            Ruth Walters, Health Department Administrator


The Warren County Emergency Management Agency and Warren County Health Department are asking for your assistance in checking on your relatives, neighbors, and friends in these continuing high temperatures.  Perhaps your congregation could set up a phone tree to make contacts. 

This isn't just for the elderly, folks with small children and those working out in the heat of the day should also be checked on.  Please remind them to drink plenty of water and try to avoid being outside during the hottest part of the day.  A quick visit might be appropriate too, to make sure they have their air conditioners on and set at a comfortable temperature.

Residents can go to the Warren County Senior Center until 3 pm, Monday – Friday.  Warrenton Manor is available until 5 pm, and the public library in Warrenton is open until 8 pm.  They may also go to local retail stores for a while to cool down. 

Both agencies have information on our websites as well.  Go to www.warrencountyema.com, click on "Heat Wave" down the left side.  Go to www.warrencountyhealth.com for additional summer safety tips.

Thank you for your help in protecting the residents of Warren County and your communities.