Is anyone coming to Bible class tomorrow at 4pm?

Here's a silly question:

Is anyone planning on coming to Bible study tomorrow at 4?

Two of my regular couples are not going to be there.

If no one coming I won't prepare for it.  I will cancel it.

Thanks for letting me know. 

Prayer request

 Please pray for Don Turnure's mother Louise, who is on hospice care and nearing the end of her life.  Pray also for the family as they care for her and love her.

Jonas Borchert Update

Jonas is back in the regular PICU today. He is recovering well but still having intermittent pain issues associated with the incision in his ribs and the drainage tubes. We don't know how or when his remaining cancer (of which there's plenty) will flare up again, but he will most likely go home in about a week with hospice care. Today he's able to have guests again for short visits. Once again, the hospital staff continues to be impressed by all of Jonas's teenage support, and we are impressed with KU's welcoming attitude. Attached is a photo of a few of Jonas's waiting room buds.