Mizzou vs. Minnesota watch party is canceled

 Mizzou vs. Minnesota watch party is canceled for tomorrow.  I can't seem to get the Watch ESPN app to work without buffering every five seconds, plus I'm not even positive that it will be on the Watch ESPN app tomorrow.  Sorry folks.  I would like to go somewhere and watch it with anyone who is interested though.  Call me or message me if you'd like to go to Buffalo Wild Wings or somewhere like that. 

Help needed taking down Christmas decorations

 We need folks to help take down the Christmas decorations on Sunday after church.  Lunch will be provided again for all those who help!

2 Things for church this weekend

 1.  All who are board members or officers for 2015 should be at worship this weekend to be installed and blessed by the Lord for this coming year's work.  Please be at one of the services.  it doesn't matter which one.
2. Our new Bible study to start 2015 is on the book of Acts.  We will be learning about the beginnings of the Christian church, its successes as well as its troubles and even failures.  It will be a good history lesson as well as a good way to learn about how to be a better Christian. 
A blessed New Year to y'all!

Denise Schlesselmann's December newsletter

I hope you all enjoyed a great Christmas. As you can see I am just barely getting this sent in December. I had most of it written earlier as you'll see by the articles and the date of the newsletter. But I didn't get around to putting the final touches that until after Christmas. Since we're still in the 12 days of Christmas I think it's alright. If you want to hear about Czech Christmas Eve  traditions you'll have to wait till next time.​ Enjoy your new year.