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Friday, March 9

Posted 1 day ago
When Jonas did not make counts to get admitted last Friday they rescheduled him for the next Friday (today). This was suprising news, since they would usually try again asap, like Monday or Tuesday. But we did not complain one little bit because the wait would be a nice, long, welcome relief from the non-stop debilitating effects of the chemo. Little did we know that our friend Luke Minx was coming into town and had a great big surprise in mind with the concert on Friday night- the same day that Jonas was going to be admitted for chemo. Well, Jonas was just not going to miss this concert! On Monday we contacted our nurse practitioner and asked if Jonas could come in any other day but Friday. She responded by telling us that they would fit him in on Tuesday (which was the very next day).
Tuesday afternoon, once we were all checked in, Jonas got a surprise visit from Luke in his hospital room at Children's Mercy! What a welocme surprise! They sat and talked for almost an hour. Luke shared information about his family, about being away at school and about being on American Idol. Jonas shared information about his illness and his treatment. Luke told Jonas that he is an inspiration to so many people, and reminded him that this whole community cares for him and has got his back -- just waiting for him to get back in the game. That held a lot of weight for Jonas. A friend, a hometown talent - branching out in the world, a kid he looks up to, spurring him on. Just that little visit made the two day hospital stay breeze by.
Well here we are now on Friday, looking forward to the concert tonight.
The reality is that Jonas' counts have been dropping since Wednesday and he is feeling pretty peaked. This morning he is looking very pale, the skin around his eyes is very pink, and he feels cool and clammy to the touch. He will have to wear a mask over his mouth and nose and refrain from too much physical contact because he just can't afford another round with infection like he did in February. But Jonas is really hoping to see Luke rock the house! He is a fantastic performer with a beautiful voice. If you cannot go to the concert, but would still like to make a donation, Luke has made that possible too. You can do that online.
Go to
I owe a public apology to Kelli Jordan and Verlene Kling. This past weekend I let the ball drop and flaked out individually on two dear people with whom I had made arrangements. I'm sorry for going AWOL. I will make it up to you both. I'm sorry that I infringed on your time and did not come through. I value your help and your friendships and I'm hoping you will let me make a rain check.
Youth Baseball sign-ups were this past weekend in Lee's Summit! Can you believe it? We are fast approaching practice season. Coach Shawn James called to see if Jonas would still be on his team this year. Wow. You wanna know what kind of thing will bring tears to Jonas' eyes? (okay, mine, too?) Well this is it. Shawn said that he would love to have Jonas on the team just so that when treatment is over and Jonas is feeling up to it... he can have even one turn at bat! Since treatment will be over in May (hopefully) and baseball season goes through July, that will give Jonas some wiggle room to get a little muscle built up and get out on the field. Something wonderful to look forward to! Jonas has always said that while he enjoys watching a good game of baseball or knowing stats on professional players, etc.. what he really loves is to PLAY baseball. More than anything he wants to be able to be involved! Thank you for including him, Shawn. That is how you win a boy's heart. Jonas says that regardless of whether or not he can play, he is going to try to come sit on the bench in his uniform for as many games as he can. I can't wait to hear that kid say, "Put me in coach. I'm ready to play today!"
I hope to see you folks at the concert tonight. I sill haven't written all I would like. I guess I will try again to wrap it up tomorrow.

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Posted 1 day ago
Thanks so much for the updates. I don't know how you do it, but you do that is what truly counts. I love you so much for keeping all of us informed. May God Bless you always. I hope Jonas has the Time of his Life tonight at that concert. How AWESOME that is. Life is good today.
Aunt Stephanie
Posted 1 day ago
Looking forward to seeing you at the games this summer.
Posted 1 day ago
Caroline has a MAIster Singers choir concert tonight so we can't be there, but we are with you in spirit and are huge fans of Luke's from back when he used to do high school theatre with several of my sister's voice students. He's such a talented kid, and thankful he's got such a big heart. Jonas, I'm so glad you're able to get to be at the concert. You are a rock, my Dear. I never cease to be impressed with your strength.
Posted 1 day ago
Hope to see you guys tonight at the concert!!! :)
Posted 1 day ago
You don't owe me any kind of apology! Don't worry about it - I was sitting here thinking I'd flaked on you because I hadn't checked in recently! No matter how often we see or hear from you (or you hear from us!) know we are praying every day for Jonas and you. I wish we could be at the concert but we can't make it. While we were signing up for baseball, Cam and I were both thinking how great it would be to play with - or even against - Jonas!
Posted 1 day ago
We love you, Jonas! You are one amazing fighter!
Posted 1 day ago
Well you managed to bring a few tears to my eyes. What an amazing baseball family you guys have. Hopefully he starts feeling better so he can enjoy the concert. And hopefully we can see you guys soon. Sending lots of germ free hugs your way. :)
Welcome, angie

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