Happy To Say I'M Completely Wrong About Sekiro! (Monday Musings 66)

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Masterpiece?
I am so happy to say that I'm 100% wrong about Sekiro. I watched my streamer friends and the gameplay looks incredible. It has the same meticulous combat as the prior Souls games, and perhaps melee mechanics as complex as Nioh. At that time, I found Nioh actually having better combat mechanics than Souls series, but suffering from graphics causing migraine, lack of level design, limited variety of enemies, and being unbalanced at the last area as described here.

Perhaps the saltiness in my assessment is not only stemming from Activision, the review embargo not lifting until the day prior to release (so if the reviews are negative, pre-orders can't be readily canceled), but I feel my bitterness is mostly rooted in not being able to afford Sekiro at this stage, after doing taxes with my accountant.

What I'm planning to do is to take charge of my finances with All Your Worth by Elizabeth Warren. I recall when I followed her program faithfully, I was able to max out my IRA contributions, having emergency savings, and having fun money to spend on whatever I want!

I will hopefully post a synopsis of what I consider the best personal finance book I've read (and I've read numerous titles), including sample worksheets that the average American will have, such as internet, utilities and food, to see if this book is doable for the average American income at 24K (perhaps 20K after taxes). 

Since I won't be playing Sekiro until much later, given my continued addiction to Assassin's Creed Odyssey, as well as working on my backlog of 100 games, I'm going to wait until the complete bundled edition comes out at reduced price. The benefits of waiting later is further described here.

I'm hoping to finish this All Your Worth post for the next Monday Musings, but for now, I'd like to conclude that Sekiro is exactly the game that I would love and find a masterpiece. 

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