The Lord is going to make 2019 the best year yet for St. John's and its members!  He is going to make you more faithful in worship and Bible study!  He's going to bring families together and make faiths stronger!  He is going to do great things!


If you're going to ask the Lord to help you do anything better in 2019, ask him to make you more faithful in keeping the Sabbath, and growing in His knowledge!  Ask him to grow your faith!  Ask him to make you a more forgiving and loving person.  Ask him to make you more disciplined in those areas of your life where you lack self control.  Ask him to make you stop being so judgmental and more able to overlook and forgive the faults of others.  Ask him to make you a more faithful witness to his love! 



Here's the schedule hour by hour:



8am- Adult Bible Study on Genesis


9am- Traditional Worship


10:15- Fellowship (Donuts and coffee), Adult Bible Class on Angels (This Bible study will continue during the 10:45 service), and Kid's Sunday school (half hour long)


10:45- Chapel Worship (Small children will begin with their parents in the sanctuary and end with a kid friendly activity in the Sunday school area.)


Monday- 6:30- Chapel Worship (We don't have any volunteers to help with young children yet, but if we get volunteers, small children will begin with their parents in the sanctuary for worship and end with a kid friendly activity in the fellowship area/overflow)




Description of the differences in Chapel Worship as compared to Traditional Worship-

  1. The songs will mostly be from videos or easier songs that are led by pastor.
  2. Instead of having Old Testament, Epistle, and Gospel readings, we will be learning the stories of the Bible.  On Jan. 6 we will start with the stories of the Wise men, Simeon and Anna, and the escape to Egypt.  If you go faithfully to this service every week you will eventually know all the major stories of the Bible. 
  3. After going through the first half of worship with their whole family and getting an overview of the stories for the day, the youngest children will go next door to the fellowship room/overflow to do an activity to help them learn the main story of the day a little better.  The rest of us will dig deeper a bit deeper into the stories of the day and have communion together. 


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