Volunteers still needed

Since we are starting a new worship and Sunday school/Bible Class schedule on January 6, we need more volunteers to help with things that are needed.   A special thank you to the many who already signed up!


Here's what is still needed.  PLEASE REPLY TO THIS EMAIL TO SIGN UP IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY!!!  If you have questions as to what the job entails, feel free to reply or to call pastor for an explanation!!


SECURITY TEAM MEMBERS (It is preferred that you have some security training)


8:30-10:15-  two more needed


10:15-12- Two more needed


Monday, 6:15-7:45--  Four more needed




ALTAR GUILD CLEAN UP—(Done either Monday night or Tuesday morning)  One or two more needed




LAY READERS FOR 9am—One or two more needed  (If you are already on the current list, let us know that you'd like to continue doing it.





Sunday, 9am--  2 or 3 more  If you're already on the current list, please let us know that you'd like to continue. 


Monday, 6:30—2 or 3 more






10:15 and or 11:15 on Sunday and 6:30 on Monday

(One or two more needed for each service!!)


Here's how it will work-- Kids will go to Sunday school right after the first service until the second service starts.  Approximate time will be 10:15-10:45.


Also, halfway through the second service, at approximately 11:15, the kids who are at worship will leave and have a lesson on their own while the rest of the congregation will finish worship. 


Monday night will be the same as the late service on Sunday as long as we have people to take kids and help them. 










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