Volunteers/nominations needed for church officers and a new Bible study available

I'm resending this today as I haven't received any responses yet. 


  1. St. John's is in need of volunteers and/or nominations for
    1. Congregational secretary-  take official minutes at congregational meetings
    2. financial secretary

                                                               i.      weekly audit and double check the counter's work

                                                             ii.      enter it into the church records in the computer

                                                           iii.      takes deposit to the bank

                                                           iv.      signs vouchers

                                                             v.      sends out contribution statements twice a year

                                                           vi.      gets offering envelopes ready and distributed

    1. President (Steve McDowell has agreed to run for president for 2019, but would welcome any challengers who feel led to do it. )
    2. Vice President- (Tom Linke has agreed to run again for 2019 but also would welcome any challengers who feel led to leadership.)
    3. Treasurer- (Rich Boeger has agreed to do it again for 2019, but would welcome a challenger.)
    4. Head Elder- (Our current head elder, Jason Cluver, has agreed to run for 2019 but would welcome a challenger.)
    5. Head Trustee- (Our current head trustee, Brett Nordwald, has agreed to run for 2019, but would welcome a challenger.)


This is for our new organizational structure which was previewed at our voter's meeting in August and will be voted on for approval at our voter's meeting on November 18.)


  1. A new small group or individual Bible study is out called "Family: It's Complicated", that would pertain to many situations and families in our church!  It talks about something ACEs "Adverse Childhood Experiences"  which cause people to have trouble as adults.  It seems like it would be great for a small group Bible study during the week, or for any individual to do at home.  Some have already expressed interest.  Is there any more interest in a small group study or even individual study?


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