A bunch more prayer requests

  1. For EVELYN SHERMAN who is having back surgery today.


  1. For JOAN SEXTON who is recovering from a fall and several cracked ribs.


  1. For ROBERT TODD, friend of the Rausch family who is having heart issues, pneumonia, and stomach issues following a simple outpatient procedure.


  1. For MATT ESKEW, former preschool dad,  who is dealing with a return of his cancer.


  1. For CADEN LEESMAN, former preschooler, who is dealing with cancer


  1. For the SALE OF LISA RAUSCH'S MOTHER'S (BETTY SUTOR'S) house.  That a good buyer comes to them so that they can be out from under the burden.


  1. For those on the EAST COAST AND IN CHINA who are both dealing with the effects of a devastating hurricane, loss of homes and property and even loss of life.


  1. Update on RALPH VAN HORN…  he is not able to have his bypass surgery today due to a large hematoma (bruise and pooling of blood) after his heart catheterization. 


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