Pastor Simon Peter Waako in need of money ffor his daughter and for his church

Many of you know that I have been Facebook friends with Rev. Simon Peter Waako for a few years now.  He is a pastor of four different small village churches in Uganda. 

There are two things he needs money for right now. 

1. He needs $600 more dollars to finish the treatment that her daughter is receiving.  This is of first importance. 

2. Secondly, His area is in a very severe drought and food is scarce.  Many people are in danger of dying from starvation.  (Google drought in Uganda and you can read more about it.  He is in need of money to purchase food for his own family and for the people in his churches.  (In the United States a drought isn't as big a deal, because we are able to move food easily from place to place and are able to buy it.  It is not that way there.)

I know that you are asked for money at seemingly every turn, but if you have been blessed with extra money this year or just want to help, please donate today!  Checks can be made to St. John's and I will get the money to him via Western Union. Contact me if you'd like to help!

And YES HE IS AS REAL PERSON.  I have skyped with him several times, and several other Lutheran pastors from our area (including Pastor Aurniger from Immanuel, and Pastor Schult from Messiah)  who have taken mission trips to Uganda have met him personally and know him.  He is doing great work and bringing many to Christ.  He is just in need right now.

Thank you in advance!

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