FW: Volunteers urgently needed - Camp Restore: Baton Rouge

Help is desperately needed in Baton Rouge!!  Anyone want to take a few days and work down in Louisiana?
If I get a few people interested in going, I may be able to take a few days off to lead a group down there. 
Below is information about it.  

Dear Jeremy,
It's like 2005 again, only this time it's Baton Rouge, not New Orleans. Volunteers are urgently needed.

A flooded home in French Settlement, near Baton Rouge.

The last few days have seen devastating rainwater flooding of an estimated 40,000+ homes in and around Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Many are well above the established floodplain and were not required or even recommended to maintain flood insurance.

We are immediately moving forward and helping Trinity Lutheran Church in Baton Rouge establish itself as a hub for volunteer support as mucking and gutting begins. Rev. David Buss, the senior pastor, is a former executive director of RAI Ministries, and has been joined again by Rev. Ed Brashier, director of Shepherd's Heart Disaster Response Ministry, who was the first camp director of Camp Restore - New Orleans. 

Just like the original creation of Camp Restore - New Orleans, a number of Lutheran-based nonprofits and entities are helping with the initial response and setup. Including those previously mentioned, Lutheran Church Charities is onsite with their comfort dog ministry and technical support, and the LCMS Southern District and LCMS International Office are also backing the effort.

Camp Restore - Baton Rouge begins as a short-term disaster-response effort, and we will see where it goes from here. There is no telling yet what the overall recovery timeframe will be. 


This is a true disaster zone, so for those of you familiar with the 2006-era Camp Restore - New Orleans or Camp Atonement, you have an idea of what to expect. This will be Baton Rouge-led, and it's coming together even as volunteer work is already underway. To sign up or find out more about volunteering in Baton Rouge, please use this link.


If you or someone you know has received damage to their home from this flooding, at this time please have them contact our New Orleans offices at 504-242-2636 or info@camprestore.org, and we will get them connected. A more direct route will be posted as soon as capacity is established.


We are accepting donations to support the efforts through Camp Restore - Baton Rouge. Please indicate as such in the memo line or note field. These can be made online or mailed to:

Camp Restore
9301 Chef Menteur Hwy
New Orleans, LA 70127

We are simultaneously continuing our mission of restoring faith, home and community in the Greater New Orleans Area through Camp Restore - New Orleans. Volunteers are welcome to continue booking for service in New Orleans year-round at www.camprestore.org.
Thank you,

Pastor Goodine
Rev. David Goodine, Executive Director
Camp Restore | 504-242-2636 | info@camprestore.org | www.camprestore.org
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