Weekend results

Below is a message from the OAFC group leaders who were here this past weekend.  These results were shared with the congregation at each of the services as well.  

Ongoing Ambassadors for Christ

Sharing the Absolute Certainty of Eternal Live
as we Tell the Good News about Jesus!

     Thank you for hosting a team of Ongoing Ambassadors for Christ. We hope that our time together was a blessing for your congregation as we joined in service to carry the message of eternal life through Christ to your community. Our 3-fold purpose:

1. Witness to all about Jesus as the Savior!    
2. Invite the unchurched to the congregations we serve!  
3. Train youth and adults to confidently share their faith  

You have encouraged us by:

  Praying for God's blessing on our outreach;

  Providing housing, meals, and transportation;

  Joining us in reaching out to your community;

  Allowing us to participate in the worship services;

  Supporting OAFC with prayers and a financial gift.

In our witness-survey we made 93 calls.    
Gospel literature was left at 116 houses where no one was
home. When we asked, "Where do you believe you will go when
you die?" Most Answered "Heaven." When we asked, "Why do
you believe you will go to heaven?"

29 said because Jesus lived and died for them;
13 hoped they were living good enough lives;
12 were not sure of going to heaven;
39 did not answer the question or complete the survey.
We shared with all who would listen that Jesus gave His life to pay
for all their sins so they can be sure of going to heaven.   
11 of those we shared this with were unchurched.
Through our visits we also discovered

8 unchurched individuals who would welcome another visit,


and that were interested in visiting the church.


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