Thursday, June 19, 2014 (another prayer request)

Please pray for Wendell Roehrs as he is scheduled to have surgery to remove a benign tumor that is growing near his and around his brain.  

Daily Devotions from Lutheran Hour Ministries
By Pastor Ken Klaus, Speaker Emeritus of The Lutheran Hour
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"On Edge"

June 19, 2014 
Spanish Daily Devotions Cross 7-4-13(Jesus said) "Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will recognize them by their fruits." Matthew 7:15-16
There are times when some of the things the Bible says are frightening in their accuracy and modern day fulfillment.

Certainly, that was true two weeks ago when the Savior's words recorded by Matthew, the words of our devotion's text, were played out in Nigeria. It was just after sunset in the village of Maidiguri when some wandering preachers came to town. They announced that everyone should come together so they could hear a message about "the righteous path."

It didn't take long for most of the people to assemble. Unfortunately, that day there was no message and nobody preached to them about the "righteous path."

That's because Boko Haram, the same fanatical Islamist group which kidnapped hundreds of girls because they were receiving an education, arrived in the village of Maidiguri. Indeed, it quickly became apparent that the "preachers" were also members of Boko Haram. They were false prophets who, in sheep's garb had brought the people together, not to hear a message, but to be slaughtered.

And were the members of Boko Haram ravening wolves? One of the town's survivors counted the bodies. Forty-five of his neighbors had been murdered in cold blood.

The final warning from Jesus' prophecy had been fulfilled: the people had learned to recognize the murdering wolves by the works they were doing.

Now it would be right if you were to offer a prayer of thanks that there are no such false prophets, no such ravening wolves coming into our communities for the purpose of committing murder. Of course, that doesn't mean there are no ravening wolves.

The difference between the wolves who come into your town and those of Maidiguri is this: our wolves are more subtle in their approach and in the results they wish to achieve. While the wolves of Boko Haram want to control people through fear and murder, our wolves are more dangerous.

More subtle in approach and goal, our wolves try to lead believers away from their Savior and the truths of Scripture. Listen carefully to their message. Do they preach Christ crucified and risen or is their emphasis on how to get God to give you stuff? Is the weight of their message on blood-bought forgiveness of sins, or does it assure people they are fine just the way they are?

Whether it be Nigeria or Nebraska, the Congo or Colorado, the wolves are among God's flock.

Knowing that, we need to be prepared. Jesus said, "By their works you will know them." Recognizing the wolves is easy when they are murderers like the men of Boko Haram. It is a bit harder identifying our subtle and seductive wolves. It is harder, but it is not impossible. All we need do is look at their works and words to see if they are pointing people toward or away from the Savior.

THE PRAYER: Dear Lord, Jesus said we should be wary of the wolves. Grant that we may recognize anyone who would try to destroy our faith through violence or words. Keep us always steadfast in the faith and the salvation Jesus has won for us. In His Name. Amen.

All too often the job of reaching others is left to others. That can be unfortunate. After all, there are times when YOU may be the best person to reach someone who is lost or wandering. If you have always wanted to know how to do such a sharing of the Savior, you may want to attend Lutheran Hour Ministries' SENT Outreach Conference, which is July 24-27 in Detroit. For more information, visit
Pastor KlausIn Christ I remain His servant and yours,

Pastor Ken Klaus
Speaker Emeritus of The Lutheran Hour®
Lutheran Hour Ministries
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Proverbs 25-26; Acts 4:23-37
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YESTERDAY'S QUIZ:  Who wrote the last book of the Old Testament?  Here is a very thorough answer from Dianne Hance THANKS DIANNE!
The last book of the old testament was written by Malachi which means "my messenger"  Since the terms appears in
the Bible as both prophets and priests being called messengers of the Lord, some think "Malachi" to be only a title
that tradition has given the author.  The name remains uncertain but it is still very likely that Malachi was the author's
name.  (Information from Concordia Self Study Bible)

TODAY'S QUIZ:  How does God answer "How are we robbing you?" in the book of Malachi? 

Thurs- Funeral for Margaret Kohrs 10am, burial at family cemetery near Troy immediately after funeral with luncheon at 12:30

Fri- Bible Study at Hendershot's 7pm; July newsletter deadline
Sat- Bible Study 4pm; worship 5
Sun- worship 8:30; Sunday school 9:45; worship 11; DCE Intern induction at 11am service with luncheon to follow at noon

Acolytes- 8:30- Zack Hoelscher  11- Siera Jaeger
Altar guild- Set up- Linda Callies; Clean Up-- Don and Ann Panhorst
Greeters- 8:30- Dave and Linda Callies; 11- Steve and Sandy Robine
Communion Assistants- Sat- Rich Boeger; 8:30- Rich Talbert; 11- None
Lay Readers- Sat- Sandra Perricone; 8:30- ???;  11am- Ian Brunson
8:30 Ushers- Don Hance, Rich Boeger, Don Weigle, Don Tate
Projectors- Sat- ?????, 8:30- Terry McKenzie, 11- Emily Brunson
Sat pianist- Tim Sherman




Visitation-- Wednesday 4-8pm at Martin Funeral Home in Warrenton

Funeral-- Thursday 10am at St. John's, Burial in Asbury Cemetery near Troy immediately following the service, Luncheon to follow burial at 12:30 back at St John's




It would be wonderful to see as many YOUTH AND THEIR FAMILIES there as possible to welcome her and to introduce yourselves!!!!   


Her induction will be in the 11am service, but she will be introduced at all the services in the next two weeks.


Please call the church office and tell us who is coming and many of you will be there.  If no one answers please still leave a message!



PENNIES FROM HEAVEN--  Little Lambs and St. John's together raised $268.90 for Agape through the "Pennies from Heaven" Campaign!  Please know that you can donate to Agape at any time!  They are in desperate need of non perishable canned and pre packaged food item especially at this time of year!  You can bring it directly to Agape's food pantry yourself or bring it to church and I will bring it to them!  Need knows no season, and there is A LOT of need in Warren  County right now!
BENEFIT GOLF OUTING FOR COMMUNITY--  Lakeview Men's Club is hosting a 2 person scramble at Country Lakes on Friday, June 27.  Registration is at 7am, tee time is at 8am.   All proceeds go to support Turning Point (our local women and children's shelter), Agape, and the Warren County Senior Center.  Cost is $70 per person if mailed/turned in by this Friday.  $80 day of event.  Call 636-359-7884 for more details.  Flyers will be posted on the bulletin board next to Pastor's office.  



Always remember and never forget what you RECEIVE in WORSHIP!  You get to hear words directly from God.  You get to have fellowship with your brothers and sisters in Christ, and those who are confirmed get to receive Christ's body and blood for the forgiveness of their sins.  Everyone gets to publicly confess their sinfulness and hear the DIRECT words of forgiveness of Christ through the pastor. 


There is nothing more important in the life of a Christian on Sunday morning than worship!


So far this Summer our worship attendance has been awful.  It is understandable if you are out of town, but if you are in town there is NO EXCUSE.  Just because it is Summer vacation from school and other things doesn't mean it should be Summer vacation from worship! 


God never takes a break from you and you shouldn't take a break from Him and His gifts either.  His gifts of His Word and His Sacraments are of utmost importance in your life and your family's life.  Please make every effort to be in worship for your own sake and for the sake of your brothers and sisters in Christ!


Make plans to be in worship this Saturday night or Sunday morning especially as we induct Kelsey Overbeck!


THERE IS STILL ROOM IN LITTLE LAMBS SUMMER CAMPS FOR 3-6 Year olds!!!  Call the church office for details. 

June 16-20---  Community Helpers!!

July 7-11-- 

July 21-25--  Water Fun!!



Cocktails at 6pm, Dinner at 6:30

We will be able to order from the menu

Please sign the sheet in the narthex if you will be attending so reservations can be made. 

This is a social get together with church friends!  Come celebrate your birthday or anniversary.



Box seats are $9 per person!!  Get your tickets from John Hachtel today!  Don't delay! 



Flyers with all the information necessary are on the counter in the narthex. 


THE STORY: CHAPTER 21 "Rebuilding the Walls" IS THIS WEEK!!!

What do you do when the odds are against you and it seems as you have no hope?  TRUST IN THE LORD! 

Learn how Ezra and Nehemiah and the people of Judah did just that this week!


PLEASE KEEP UP WITH YOUR READINGS AND COME TO BIBLE STUDY!!  I know it is difficult, but make time!  It is very important!


DONUT LIST NEEDS FILLING  (pun intended)!!!


If you are willing to sign up for a Sunday let me know by replying to this email and I will add you!!  Thanks


Please consider bringing donuts, muffins, or another kind of treat for our fellowship time.  Here are the dates:

June 22- Dane and Jodi Baldwin

June 29- Jim Rahn

July 6- Cal and Betty Tameler

July 13-

July 20-

July 27-

Aug 3-

Aug 10-

Aug 17-

Aug 24-

Aug 31-



Wonderful blaze orange t-shirts are for sale for $10 a piece to help support our board of outreach and evangelism's efforts and to raise money to provide for those in need.  Pick up your size today and put your $10 in the box provided!!!  They are located in the narthex (entry way) of church upstairs.

October 4--A DAY IN ST. LOUIS--  We will tour places that are hidden gems in St. Louis
Let Marilyn know if you are interested in either of these trip so she can make definite plans.

PRAYER REQUESTS:  (If you have a prayer request please reply to this email or call me at 636-359-1061)


For the FAMILY OF MARGARET KOHRS as her funeral is today . 


For LIBBY PAILER, who is recovering from a broken pelvis at The Cedars in Chesterfield.


For ED KOHRS, as he is recovering from blood clots in his legs and lungs and as he mourns the loss of his wife as well.   


For DENISE SCHLESSELMANN, as she left yesterday for her summer mission trip to the Silesian province of the Czech Republic.  Pray that all things work out well and it turns into a full time mission.

For KELSEY OVERBECK, as she moves this week into Denise's house and as she begins her service to the Lord here at St. John's on Sunday.
For LINDA CALLIES AND COLLEEN BOTTORFF as they travel to KC for the Missouri District LWML convention, for their safety and for a productive and God pleasing convention.
For THE STARK FAMILY as they are gong through many tough struggles right now.


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