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Posted 1 day ago
The scans Jonas had on Wednesday showed that there was no new metastasis in his body. The radiation did reduce the one tumor in his right lung, but the cancer continues to grow and spread in the lungs in general.
Our new oncologist has put together a plan that would resemble something like the trial we were trying to enroll Jonas in. The first step is getting a biopsy of one of the tumors in the lungs and having it tested. They will check the tissue to make sure this is the same cancer- -Ewings Sarcoma - -that he has been treated for all along. (Chemotherapy, radiation, transfusions, etc....all of which Jonas has had.... can cause secondary cancers.) If this is a different type of cancer, we would need to attack it differently. The testing will also help to rule out drugs that will not work.
So, after scans on Wednesday, Jonas was scheduled for an immediate biopsy procedure. He went into the hospital on Wednesday evening, had laparoscopic surgery on Thursday, spent the Friday recovering and will be discharged this afternoon, Saturday.
Even though laparoscopic surgery is less invasive, it can still be very painful. In Jonas's case, they made three incisions into his left ribcage, under his left arm, through the spaces between his ribs to retrieve a slice of the largest tumor on his left lung. This tumor is attached to the lung but is growing outside the lung between the lung and the heart, extending out and attaching to the chest cavity wall. The surgery was very successful and they got a large slice of the tumor, but he is still pretty uncomfortable. He is well enough to go home today, recuperate tomorrow and start chemotherapy on Monday. It will take about ten days for the tissue to be analysed, at which point the chemotherapy regimen will be altered according to the findings.
For now, he's pretty doped up and resting comfortably.

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Posted 12 hours ago
Hope Jonas made it home today as planned and he's not too uncomfortable. That's good they are able to move forward next week with chemo before all the test results are back. We're thinking of Jonas and you all as he gets started with this new treatment plan!
Posted 20 hours ago
Thank you for sharing this update on Jonas. I think of you and Jonas on a daily basis and pray. The plan you outlined makes sense and I hope Jonas' pain is reduced quickly. Sending love and prayers.
Posted 22 hours ago
Thank you, Kristin, for the update. Jonas, we love you!
Posted 23 hours ago
A new plan is better than no plan...so sorry for all he has had to endure...love and hugs to all of you - especially for Jonas...
Posted 24 hours ago
How much can any family endure! Well wishes to Jonas. If you have time, please call me. My friend and doctor who remembers Jonas from one of our outings, always asks about him...and told me to tell you to contact Senator Cleaver to get Jonas into any trial at Children's Mercy...Please follow thru, if you haven't done so already. Our hearts break for you all, but we remain hopeful. Merryland and Koshieland
Posted 24 hours ago
So grateful that everything is moving forward. The best news is that he is able to come home. And also that he is resting comfortably. Still in my prayers. I know that he is a winner. It is so in him to thrive every breath he takes. Tell him that I keep wearing his bracelet and think of him often.
Love Aunt Stephanie
Posted 24 hours ago
You are in our prayers! Sending HOPE and Hugs!
Deliece Hofen
Welcome, angie

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