Update on Jonas Borchert: Don Nolte's grandson

The first two weeks of chemo and radiation are now behind us. Jonas has taken it all in stride and (other than a little puking) doesn't seem to have any horrible reactions like he has had in the past. Of course, this is a different kind of chemo and we are just in the "control" phase of his treatment -- keeping it from growing, before we can jump in with the big guns.
This week was technically his "week off" from treatment, but we have been to the hospital every day so far and will go again on Friday, to have his blood drawn for lab testing. Then, next week he starts two more weeks of chemo.
Today, we met for two hours with the Stem Cell specialist to discuss stem cell transplants. Stem cell transplant. is serious. business. In a nutshell, what they do is collect or "harvest" healthy stem cells from your own body and save them. Then they kill off your remaining stem cells and immune system with extremely high dosage chemotherapy (very gueling) and then readminister your own stem cells back into your body hoping that they will regrow without any cancer deviance. It is not a sure thing, it might just buy more time and sometimes can be thought of as a treatment of last resort, but it is an option we need to keep in mind. We could have opted for stem cell transplant right away, but we are going to give experimental treatment a try first. However, there is reason for us to get familiar with it now. If the experimental treatment we've opted for does not work, then there is a possibility that his blood and bone marrow could become cancerous-- thereby ruining the viability of his own stem cells. So, just as soon as soon as he has completed his next two weeks of chemo (and his lab work is just right) Jonas will be recieving daily injections to mobilize his stem cells. He will then be hosipitalized for 3 or 4 days while they hook him up to a machine which will collect them from his blood. (to be frozen for future use.)
We have such amazing friends. And amazing schools. Blaire is in kindergarten this year where Jonas went to school, at Woodland Elementary. They have been soooooooo very amazing at taking care of her. Our shy little bug has come out of her shell, riding the bus and speaking in front of her class. Who would have thunk?!! All the teachers and staff have put my scatter-brained mind at ease in so many ways. They are simply The Best.
AND.. Tonight they are having their student council fundraiser at Culver's on Douglas Rd. in Lee's Summit. From 4pm to 9pm a portion of the sales are going to help support Jonas! Our family is self-employed and struggling to make ends meet right now. So tonight, you can help....simply by ordering dinner! You can come in and sit down or just go through the drive-through. It all counts. Inside the restaurant, they are selling t-shirts and bracelets and will have a 50/50 raffle. Jonas says that you've got to try their butter burgers. They are delicious! What could be better before hunkering down for two days of snow?!!
You probably won't hear from me for about two weeks, but I will post more as they get ready to harvest the stem cells

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Posted 56 minutes ago
Always in our hearts! So good to hear the last two week weren't awful - you have incredible strength and are a remarkable young man - you inspire me, Jonas. So glad to hear Woodland is making Miss Blaire's kindergarten a good one - so good for you Kristin to know she is in good hands and who would've thunk!!!! Keeping all of you in my prayers and sending positive thoughts daily! Family is dining at Culver's tonight!! They already love their butter burgers, but made sure to go tonight in support of you, Jonas - we love you all!!!!
Posted 2 hours ago
We went and had dinner and the bracelets were all sold out before we left about 5:30!!!! :-)
Welcome, angie

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