St. John's Group Email prayer request for Bill Sager

Please pray for Bill Sager (a former member at St. John's and good friend to many, especially Saturday night folks.)  Bill has been sick for some time.   He had a stroke a week or two ago.  Thank You, Sue Ruhl

Below is the note  we had from his Brother:
Hi Sue:
Bill's daughter, (Pattie), called me around 8 pm Saturday evening saying Bill was 'non-responsive', so she called 911 and they took him to the hospital.  I called her cell phone Sunday morning around 9 am and she said they had been working with him all night and he was still 'non-responsive'.  She said her brothers and sister were coming in a little later and would call me when she found out more.  So around 5:15 pm Sunday she called and said the doctor said Bill had a major stroke.  I will pass on any additional info as I get it.
Hope maybe you can pass this info to any friends he may have had at church in Warrenton.
Thanks - Max ...

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