The Wagons Rolled Out ....

Bridge? Check!
Convoy? Check!
The Supply Train has 5 weeks to get to Huzzah! but its ready to roll.
1 carriage, 5 carts, 4 pack horses. The rest will stay home.
In case anyone thinks comments have no effect, I had just about talked myself out of putting in the work to make the bridge sides thicker but Fitz-Badger's comment spurred me to go ahead. I was right, I had to add 2 layers to each side but it was worth it.

Thanks for all the other comments as well, they are always welcome and read with intent.

I like an old fashioned look to go with my glossy toy soldiers so I went old school, just a bit of fine sawdust for texture over the cardboard and masking tape and then paint. Its not art but I like it and it'll fit with my houses.  I suppose that's the next concern, how few buildings can I get away with and do I need to add anymore?

and it works with my 54's. 

Since not everyone will know or remember the great old Lighthouse song that gave me my blogpost title, here, for your listening pleasure, is 1849 by Lighthouse.  Another old favourite of mine from the 70's.

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