Church Picnic Help

Hey folks!!
Our church picnic is coming up on September 8 at noon at Mim Dunn's house!!!  She has a wonderful property with a lake and a trail in through the woods, and just beautiful scenery.  I am excited to be out there with you all!
That being said, we need help with a few things:
1. Workers:  (The biggest need)  People and trucks to haul chairs and tables from church to her place and back to church after the picnic is done.  (it will require at least two, probably three pick ups, and four or five people who are able to carry tables and chairs.  The more the better and the quicker it will get done.  YOUNGER BACKS and KNEES ARE MUCH APPRECIATED!!
2.  Canopies:  We also need canopies to cover at least a few of our tables and chairs.   Any size will do but the bigger the better.  Depending on size we will need five or six of them. 
3.  Grillers:  We need two or three people to be responsible for the grilling and taking care of the grill. 
Most of these things are day before and day of things so it won't require a whole lot of time. 
Please reply to this email or call/text me at 359-1061 to let me know of your willingness to help!!

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